Thrusting ourselves deeper!

Thrusting ourselves deeper!


I was a little surprised when I arrived at work this morning and found Fiona very excited. She was just back from her yoga class, dressed in that tight fitting pair of yoga pants she loves so much.

“It’s time for us to thrust ourselves deeper into our Admirers!” she said. “I want you to encourage a few more into My Little Black Book – the girls are just desperate to hear from them. It’s like they are all too shy, or something.”

Fiona has a bee in her bonnet because she’s been answering some of the emails from our members who live far from the cities with a CD scene. Some are very lonely and really could use someone to talk to. The Little Black Book is the perfect way to connect with these members.

Now, I know it’s daunting reaching out for the first time, however, once you get a good grip on it, it soon becomes a habit. Before long you’ll be connecting and chatting all the time. What we’re really keen on at the moment is helping you find long distance friendships.

The best dress crossdressers look well dressed – however little we wear.

What many admirers don’t realise is that there are so many CDs who want to form friendships and chat intimately with an admirer, a confidante that they can rely on for friendship and moral support, as they’re slipping into the silkiest of stockings. Crossdressing can be quite an isolated and lonely exercise. We have members as far afield as northern Australia and Zambia – where wandering down to the local bar might earn them something other than admiring glances.

Sometimes when we form distant friendships we can change a life. The keys that jingle in your pocket, the words that jangle in your head, nothing compares to the sadness of the words left unsaid. It’s time to reach out and find new friends.

So today I’m suggesting you join our Little Black Book and contact a few of our more distant members. They’re looking for friends and would love to hear from you. Remember, is all about helping our friends and members find their joy. This Thanksgiving, maybe you can help us do that.

You can join our Admirer’s Club for just $49.95 a year or $4.95 a month.

Julie Renner.

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