Wake up and smell the dry rot!


I’ve been travelling a great deal lately, which is quite ironic as my wife has arrived home in Vancouver for a few days. I hope you’ve been enjoying yourself. Sylvester and I spent a few days in England recently and visited a delightful theme park called ‘Salisbury’. So cute. We also went into something called “Stonehenge”. It’s a conceptual art installation in a field. Very modern!

Naturally I was interested in the local fashions and styles, and I have a suspicion some of the locals around Stonehenge were definitely crossdressing on the quiet. The whole druid thing, with the robes and the paint, seems pretty femme to me. And of course, throughout the countryside there’s that delightful aroma of history and dry rot, and confused looking locals wearing 1950’s clothes. It’s all very lovely.

I have to say that this part of England is the most delightful place. It’s almost as though the modern era has passed it by, particularly in the fields of architecture and dentistry. So it was that Sylvester and I strolled along through the countryside in the footsteps of our neolithic ancestors. That’s no mean feat, by the way, when you’re wearing four inch heels.

We stayed at a delightful pub in Salisbury, called The Red Lion. It was built in 1220, which is substantially before North America was invented! I would thoroughly recommend the menu, and the rather cute little dark eyed waiter. It’s fair to say that the food was wonderful, and the waiter was no slouch either.

Later that day I noticed Sylvester eyeing my pork pies as we rode in the taxi up to Stonehenge. He’s quite enamored with the place. The landscape is so delightful here, and hardly any people. For a small island with 70 million people in it, I am left thinking they must have a mine somewhere in the north where they shove the other 60 million. It’s probably near Northallerton…

While on the road I’ve been managing to keep up with the flood of email. I received a heartfelt message from a member this morning and felt I should share it.  Linda is a sweetheart and lives in Australia.

My member said:

”Hi Fiona,

Well here I go once again. I tried to stop CD’ing and, well, that didn’t last long! l finally received a pair of black satin lace panties through the mail and I tried them on and they feel amazing. That’s what sent me right back to CD’ing lm sure you have been told this by many others.   This has been on-going for me as long as I can remember!


I responded with a reply below:

Hi Linda,

I know it can feel as though this is something to which you are a slave. That’s not really true though.  It’s a part of who you are, just as your eye colour or your sense of humor is just a component of who you are.

For many crossdressers there really is a cycle that repeats and revolves throughout there adult life. If you are a crossdresser, you’ve likely been at this place before. You probably question, ‘why does this happen to me?’ This is one of the most difficult parts of dealing with this phenomenon.

As these cycles play through there’s a sense of desperation and likely shame, none of which feels very good. However, my take is rather different. I believe that rather than fighting something that is not going to just go away, I suggest you embrace it and manage it. It’s a deeply engrained part of who you are and you can never really ‘master’ it. Instead I encourage you to face it, move with it, and own it.

Instead of fighting the urge to dress, now and then go with it. My program teaches you to dress when you wish, to sometimes dress in a manner that’s more androgynous, and to accept who you are. I always counsel my members to do this in an appropriate way, and not to jeopardize their friendships and partnerships.

Sometimes dressing can be as simple as putting a little eye makeup on. Other times it might mean putting on a dress and heels, and occasionally it might simply mean wearing a pair of discrete panties beneath one’s work-wear. It may even play out as something that’s barely feminine at all, and yet satisfies your own desire to feel just a little more gently intentioned.

As you work with it, instead of fighting it, your crossdressing becomes a source of joy, not shame. Likely no one will notice much difference in you. And over time you start to shift a little. And then a little more. That part of you so long suppressed begins to become simply part of who you are – as it should.

So, don’t worry. Naturally I’d suggest you join my Premium Program, but you can also manage it yourself with care and discretion. You see, there’s a reason that thousands of people have joined my program over the years. Crossdressing can become a celebration of your own creativity.

I sincerely hope this helps.



It’s quite normal for us to experience cycles with crossdressing, leading to a binge/purge experience with buying clothes. My Premium Program helps get rid of this destructive behaviour. Are you ready? If you’re not already in it, perhaps today is a good day to join.



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