What have they ever done for us?

What have they ever done for us?

Good morning and welcome to a wonderful election day in the US. If you’re getting ready to vote, slip into some heels, do your makeup and get out there with plenty of time to make a difference.

Just this very morning I was walking in my garden with Sebastian, my personal trainer, and Amanda, my wife’s appalling friend. She’s heading over the border to the US this afternoon to vote, of course, like all good people should. However, as we were walking Amanda got a call from my wife, who as you may know is currently travelling.

Sebastian and I could not help but overhear Amanda’s comments, and politely listened in to the one sided conversation. Now the important details I will skip over, except to say that I was wearing one of my lovely pleated maxi skirts that I find so very comfortable and a pair of suede boots. However, returning to Amanda, who it should be noted edits Pig and Pig Farmer, the first publication in the US to endorse Mr. Trump in the last elections.

Amanda listened to my wife’s conversation, and then piped up quite indignantly, “But what have they ever done for us, these damned liberals?”

There was a polite pause, and I could imagine my wife responding.

Amanda then said, “Well, all right, I’ll give you that. The right to choose does give us the control of our body, and Roe verses Wade is pretty important. But other than that?”

I could imagine my wife, whose brand of feminism is one of the many reasons I love her and has on more than one occasion been described as a total war on the senses, responding quite vocally to Amanda.

“Alright,” said Amanda. “Apart from the right to choose, and affordable healthcare, what have these liberals ever done for us?”

I felt I should point out that raising the minimum wage has helped many families, and softly interjected, “Minimum wage, Amanda.”

Amanda glared at me.

Sebastian then chimed in “Oh, and don’t forget LGBTQ rights, and allowing trans people to serve in the military.”

Ali, my gardener, appeared from behind a bush and chimed in, “And don’t forget the environmental regulations, and sustainable immigration policies – love the Dreamers!”

I can’t help but notice Ali speaks perfect English when he chooses.

“Alright,” Amanda said through gritted teeth, “Apart from the right to choose, affordable health care, higher minimum wages, LGBTQ rights, allowing trans people to serve in the military, environmental regulation and sustainable immigration policies, and supporting the Dreamers, what have liberal politicians ever done for us?”

Anyway, I hope you’re having a wonderful day and plan to get out and exercise your right to vote (if it hasn’t been denied you).

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What have the Romans ever done for us!

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