Where to start with make up? Our Whatsapp Group discusses.

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What a busy day it’s been in our Whatsapp group.  I thought I’d just share a little of the conversation there, to give a bit of an idea what it’s like in this great and supportive part of the world of Fiona Dobson. You can follow the conversation below and see that One of the members had been stumped when trying to think about what make up to buy. They then asked the group.

This is what followed. Keep in mind Lenni is one of our cis female members.

Lenni: Hmmm… how did I start with makeup as a little girl? Mascara, lip gloss, nail polish. When I mastered those (mascara takes some mastering)… add eyeliner, blush, and proper lipstick. When you can do those without ‘colouring outside the lines’, add the fancy eye shadows. I learned the lipliner trick when I turned 40. (My mum tells me, sorry honey but ladies over 40 need lipliner. Your lipstick is bleeding into your wrinkles) 🤣🤣🤣

Katy: Thanks Lenny will bear that in mind

Katy: Once I have clothes I can see about posting pictures if I am brave enough.

Katy: Just don’t laugh at my feeble attempts.

Lenni: No one in this group would ever!

Bridget: Oh don’t worry about it, I have feeble attempts all the time. Eye makeup is like the Bermuda Triangle for me

Katy: Thanks appreciate it

Lisa: I have no ide where to start with make up. 3-4 aisles rows and rows of what looks the same products to me.

Bridget: I’m sure there are better people then me to ask advice on this, but   I would say find YouTube videos, but the important part is finding someone with the same face shape as you and skin tone as you. Keep it basic, don’t just go for the most amazing looking tutorial.

Lenni: Imagine yourself a little girl. Say 11. And mum says that you can wear makeup for the first time. Start simple. Don’t look to hollywood and the caked on makeup. Start simple.

Lenni: Mascara: if you are dark complexion- black. If you are fair- brown. Lip gloss: one shade rosier or darker than your natural lip colour. And shave really really well. And moisturize really really well. My grandmothers thing was that if girls spent more money and energy taking good care of their skin, they could spend less on the makeup to cover their bad skin!

Lenni: And if you can get to a major town where you can feel comfortable… go to the makeup counter at a major dept. store. Plan to spend a lot. And get the makeover. These folks are experts and will be able to deal with you and your face/needs/skin. They will go from prepping the face all the way through removing the makeup. I’ve only done it a few times in my life. But worth it! My grandmother took me when I was 15 to the Este Lauder counter for Christmas! I left with a few key things that were just perfect for me.

Lenni: And no – you will likely NOT be the first male to do this. They will likely not even blink. These girls have seen it all. But shave really well before going.

Bridget: Good point about shaving. Super close shave. And if you have a heavy beard like I do, I color neutralize with an orange concealer before foundation goes on

Lisa: That may be but i do not think i could muster up the courage to go alone.

Lenni: https://images.app.goo.gl/EKe1GKdWoJLzR4Mq6

Lenni: Unless you want to look like my friend Alma Bitches – that is a very close shave…

Lenni: Not yet maybe. But not not ever…

Lenni: And never forget gurls… the first step to getting really good at something, is being really really bad at it.

Lenni: Enjoy the process!

Bridget: Dear Diary,

Today at 1:02, Lenny asked us to be really really bad for her. 😈. Probably should look into this more, could be another meeting. Anyway have to go to bed.



Lenni: Awww… you do say the sweetest things! 😋

Jules: 🤣

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