You may be wondering how you will feel if you do this program. Here’s what one of my gurls said about it in a very kind email to me.
“Hi Fiona,
I just wanted to say that I wish I could give you a hug and embrace, I appreciate what you are doing with your service. As a long time CD and now trans person, I wish that I had this type of support available to me when I was much younger, I think I would have taken real steps towards feminization and maybe SRS, who knows.
tumblr_o5dnxhIdF51udir5qo1_1280It is too late for me but the younger CD folks now have a viable program to rely on with what you offer. I can tell of your sincere desire to help and encourage and that speaks volumes.
The whole world is waking up to the Trans movement and from this day forward things will get easier for others who decide to honor their Femme self.
Again, I just wanted to say “Thank you”.