Clothes Maketh The Man – Part 60.

I hurried over to the stables, my mind racing. What could Jennifer possibly have to do with these people?

When I’d seen my sister’s name on Mrs. Gravely’s blotter I had been shocked and confused, but there’d been that voice in my head, that told me that perhaps I was mistaken. After all, how could this situation, half a continent from San Francisco have anything to do with my sister?

Read on…

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Let’s help Sylvester get it up.

As you likely know, I am a very busy gurl.  I like to involve myself in so many activities and hobbies, from pitching a tent to kite flying – I do love to get it up in a high wind – to support all my athletic friends, of course.

Recently my friend Sylvester was bemoaning the fact I am so busy.

“I have so much on,” I said. “So many appointments.”

“But surely you could drop them, just for me.” That’s not the first time I’ve heard that line spill from his lips, I assure you.

Sylvester is being a little insistent as he wants me to be one of his supporters in the up coming local Highland Games and Scottish Festival. I am unsure if you’ve heard of this, but I will explain it to you. A number of events such as the Caber Toss and Hammer Throw are offered and competitors test their skills. Sylvester has done quite well over the years.

He’s been asking me to come down and help polish his caber up for practice a number of times recently. As I work away at the great shaft, polishing for all I am worth I often find myself humming the little song of the highlands my grandmother used to sing.

“Come where the hands are clapping
Come where the toes are tapping
Come where the jocks are strapping
Down in the glen.

Land of inclement weather
Land of the prickly heather
So keep your knees together
Scotland the brave!”

Well, I thought, if I’m going to support Sylvester in his highland fling I have to find something suitable to wear.  My first thought was a kilt, but as every gurl knows, you just can’t show up in something that everyone else is wearing. That’s when I turned to my friends at The Drag Queen Closet. I have to tell you about them, because they are so good at what they do. Firstly, their clothes are properly sized. I know that when I order the XL size it will fit me like a glove – and I don’t mean a floppy old gardening glove. I mean a sheer perfect latex sleeve that fits perfectly. Second I know it will be delivered discretely and swiftly. And finally, it will be a good quality Item I can be proud to be seen in.

Naturally they had exactly what I was looking for. So much more fun than a simple kilt, a little steampunky and at the same time elegant. The quality of this type of garment is far greater than you generally expect of CD clothes. I know it will last and I can feel good about wearing this lovely design. When it arrived a few days ago I was thrilled and I have struggled not to wear it every time I go out, because it’s meant to be a surprise for Sylvester when he’s at the competition. After all I want him to do his very best tossing his caber and get a high score.  Being there to be supportive and get it up – among the leaders – will mean the world to him.

You should seriously think about using The Drag Queen Closet for your supplies, and sooner or later you’ll be getting it up too!

Have a wonderful week,


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It’s Friday night, so let’s do this…

Look, do I really need an excuse to post this? So, here it is. It’s for all my lovely members who’ve been so kind this last few weeks.

In other news…

Faith from Gender Rebels has a new book out. It’s worth reading. No, I’m not paid to say that.

“When 16-year-old Matt Baily is expelled from his evangelical Christian high school, he faces the prospect of going to public school for the first time. There he firstexperiences the world beyond the strict, conservative Christianity he has grownup with. When he befriends wannabe Warhol Superstar Michelle, he is finally able to share his deepest darkest secret with another person–he has always longed to be a girl.”

Looks pretty good. Get it here –

I’ll be online on the site chatting late. Win a free membership by chatting to me and starting off with the words “I think I just stepped in some trump!”.



Bounce your way to freedom.

I walked into Sylvester’s slightly messy workshop along with Ali, who had given me a ride down to the auto repair shop in his Smart Car. I must say it’s a tight squeeze, even though we’re neither of us very large.

I wore a light cotton summer dress and some deck shoes. I offset the look with a necklace of white oversized beads and a matching bangle.

You probably know that Sylvester is something of an inventor. He’s always got one new thing on the go or another. That morning I glanced around at the busy workspace at shafts of metal, Sylvester feverishly fitting sleeves and flanges together, and what looked surprisingly like a disassembled pogo stick on the workbench.

“Dare I ask,” I said.

“It’s a device that will revolutionize the life of anyone needing a prosthetic leg,” replied Sylvester without looking up from what he was doing. “It combines the length of stride of a tall man, with the spring action of a pogo stick. It will make speed walking easier,” he paused and then added uncertainly, “and more exciting.”

“Are you quite sure this is a good idea?” I asked looking at the dubious collection of parts.

Ali looked about the place and then said, “I think I know this thing. It’s a monobouncyunipod.”

Sylvester looked up at him in surprise and said, “I had no idea you were versed in the ways of advanced neo-prosthetic engineering.” He seemed to suddenly have a new respect for Ali, my Syrian gardener.

“What,” said Ali, a little affronted. “You think we didn’t have pogo sticks in Syria before the war? We had many things. We had wonderful things,” he continued, his eyes glazing over as he looked into the distance. 

Ali continued, “My next door neighbour, Sara, had one. Bounced around on it all day.” He smiled to himself and then continued, “Her sister hurt herself and had to have part of her nose stitched back on.”

“Well, I don’t think you can call it a ‘Monobouncyunipod’. It doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue. No one will buy it,” I said.

Sylvester looked up from the workbench.

“No, you’re right,” he replied thoughtfully. “I shall call it ‘The Unitard’!”

“Oh, yes,” I said a little sardonically. “I can see it now. ‘Bounce your way to one-legged freedom with The Unitard!’. What could possibly go wrong?”

And that brings me to this weeks exciting suggestions to help you crossdressing.  The Unitard is a vastly under rated piece of clothing. And yet, for a crossdresser it’s surprisingly adaptable.

Ideally you want something that covers the arms and legs, so any unshaved areas become a non-issue. Additionally it should be easy to wear, wash and combine with other clothes. Score, score and score.

A nice unitard, combined with a plain wrap around skirt is simple and striking. Whether you just want to lounge about or be more active, check out the unitards on my Pinterest and think about dialling them into your crossdressing wardrobe.

I am traveling a lot at the moment, so expect to see me popping up at unusual hours on the site.

I am working on some special content on my Patreon at present. There’s a level there called ‘Behind The Scenes With Fiona‘. This is a personal set of posts that reflect some of the unusual things I deal with on a day to day basis. It will be of interest to others who are also in a gender fluid place and dealing with the day to day challenges of life. Be sure to join my Patreon to enjoy some special exclusive content.  It will start appearing toward the end of this week. I’d also love to see you join my Patreon as I am trying to build my numbers up there.

Have a wonderful week,



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A special thank you to my members.

Good morning from an icy Vancouver. It’s too cold to work in the garden today, so I am helping Ali, my Syrian gardener, with his understanding of English.

No, Ali,” I said.  “Ice hole! The expression is ‘he’s got his stick in my ice-hole’.”

“Oh, yes. I suppose that makes more sense,” replied Ali. “And it’s ‘stick’ you say? I hadn’t thought of that.”

“Yes, it definitely is,” I pointed out helpfully. “The Canadian expression ‘He’s got his stick in my ice-hole’ means someone is doing something wrong, probably stealing, from your property. It’s a metaphor. It refers to someone fishing in your ice hole.”

“Ah, yes.  It makes sense now,” agreed Ali. You know his English really isn’t as good as he thinks it is. “I see now why I was asked to leave meeting.”

But that is not the main reason I’m writing to you. Today I published Part 60 of Clothes Maketh The Man, the iconic story of Andrea (or Andy) as they blunder from one disaster to the next on their crossdressing journey. This is free, but if you’re enjoying the story and are not already a member of my Patreon you can help me out by joining any level of my Patreon to help me stay productive. People certainly seem to enjoy the episodes and I am always pleased to get the lovely feed back I often do. You can join my Patreon for as little as $4.99 a month.

While I am on the subject of monetization, a quick and very sincere thank you to all my program members. Your contribution enables me to provide a lot of content free for those in our community that are less able to afford to contribute. I know it’s very important to all of us to support our sisters, and my Program members play an important role in this respect. You can join any of my Programs either on Patreon or here –

Have a lovely week.



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Do you ever feel like playing with yourself?


Of all the busy bees in my life these days chief among them is my good friend and mechanic, Sylvester. I came into the living room just yesterday to find him on the floor with Sebastian, my personal trainer, saying “Colonel Mustard, in the library with a ten-inch dildo.”

“I beg your pardon,” I said a little shocked.

“Oh hello,” said Sylvester. “We’re playing Adult Clue (or Cludo if you are from The United Kingdom). It’s something I’ve adapted from the board game.”

Sylvester can be quite a disturbing individual, and he really can be quite coarse at times.

“Well,” I said, trying to be encouraging although I felt a little awkward, “I’m glad to see you’re not letting your God given talents go to waste, Sylvester.”

After a moment’s thought I added, “Perhaps you could think up some way to murder a new character – you could call her, oh, I don’t know… ‘Amanda’. Death by impaling, in the neighbors house, by the crossdresser.”

For those of you who don’t know, Amanda is my wife’s childhood friend, who has started a relationship with my next door neighbour, Marjory. This is a source of some annoyance, particularly as my wife is travelling at present.

I should tell you I enjoy competitive games enormously. I also play some role playing games. So many times I feel like I’m getting ahead and suddenly someone’s coming up behind me and a breathless struggle ensues. It’s all very exciting. Perhaps you know the feeling. Sometimes I get so excited, I just don’t know what comes over me! I guess it’s the cut and thrust – mostly the thrust – of putting oneself up against a fellow player.

I should also say that this week one of my friends who is a regular player got on a plane to work in New York for a couple of weeks, leaving me with no alternative but to play with myself.

That, however, is not the main reason I’m writing to you. I thought I’d write and tell you about the delightful Mollie Blake. She’s a talented writer who has recently had a piece featured on my website, and we’re expecting to see some interesting new episodes from soon. If you’ve not already read “The Dating Game“, this weekend is a great time to do so. 

I should also draw special attention to Katia Thornwood’s writing, which is mostly in my Seahorse level which has been growing into a favorite among my members. Slipping into bed, and putting Katia on to read as you fall asleep is one sure way to end the night on a high note.  Katia’s style is quite unique, and if you enjoy her rather strange view of the world.

For the many members who are asking about the Clothes Maketh The Man chapter list it can be found HERE. Well, you can see that the office here has been pretty busy bringing you the best of all things to do with Crossdressing. Have a wonderful week.



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Trans people are not defined by their transitions.

@gloria_swansong #stitch with @mags_a_million Let’s clear the air on what Transgender means and what the movement is all about. #trans #transnonbinary #transhistory #lgbtqeducation ♬ original sound – Gloria_Swansong

Let’s clear the air on what Transgender means and what the movement is all about.

Transgender is about transversing genders, spanning the space between male and female. It is a broad term and doesn’t specifically define one gender expression.

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Are you a ditz?

I do find it irritating in the extreme when Rainbow wanders in announcing that she’s ‘a complete ‘ditz’ when it comes to technology stuff’. Really, there’s no such word as ‘ditz’, and it’s not technology ‘stuff’!

“Look, you daft bat,” is what I should have said. But instead I said, “Look, if you want to get even more out of the website, all you have to do is register, and then log in. You can leave comments, connect with people, and do all sorts of things.”

“That sounds wonderful,” she said. “And I get one of those ‘Profiles’ that people can see?”

I let out a sigh and then explain “Yes, you get a profile. And of course you can put a picture up.”

I have to tell you that I love to read the comments on the posts. The one’s on My First Time are some of the best. I know that many members find that there is some very helpful content among them. If you click on the tags at the end of any of the posts you can drill down on the subject. It’s pretty clever.

I also feel that now, especially as Twitter is likely to be changing, providing my members with a place they can communicate and express their ideas seems more important than ever. If you’d like to participate be sure to:

  1. Register.
  2. Make a note of your login name and password.
  3. Log in regularly and participate by posting comments.

And now, I have to take care of Auntie Kittie, who is coming up the road clutching her latest diary entry, written in a pink notebook! God, you’d think she could learn to email it! And just to round things off, Amanda seems to be arriving next door, and heading this way.

She’s waving and saying something about having a german shepherd’s head buried in her crotch. I think she’s been walking down at the dog park. Or not.

Honestly. Is there no peace?

Auntie’s naughty secret.

I am going to share a little secret with you. I just love to dress my nephews. Actually, anyone for that matter. I know it’s a little shocking, but that’s just the kind of girl I am.

The first time I do so is usually for  punishment of some sort. Perhaps a transgression, either real or imagined, but I have the excuse. I usually do something like tell them that to learn respect they must wear something of my daughters – perhaps these lovely pink panties that I have conveniently to hand. An hour or so of that will give them the chance to consider their misdemeanors properly.

I hand them some silk lacy panties from a draw of her things which I’ve kept since she moved out to go to university. They take them, looking nervous, and then always look at me with those big eyes of the totally subservient. I’ve done this many times though.  They will find no pity there. I know precisely what I am doing.

They take them, usually a little unsure, and then one of two things happen. Either they take them and run upstairs and put them on or they drop their pants and slip out of their underwear and slide them on.

It’s a wonderful moment when all the cousins join in.

I will then generally tell them to pull up their pants and that I will let them know when they can change back. Of course, I have a terrible memory and promptly forget. Or so they think.

The next time I decide to do this I will usually insist they wear tights as well. I have several pairs pink and white tights, they look very girly. I do so love the way they look. I can usually tell that my nephews are a little excited by the prospect.

The second time I rarely go very much further, preferring the poor little scamps to get used to it. And they do.  I have sent the little monsters to my daughters room as a punishment before, only to surprise them after a few minutes and find them trying on her skirts or a blouse.

By the third time it’s usually evident that they’re not only excited by the prospect, but secretly craving it. That’s usually when I insist on calling them by a nice feminine name. Gerald becomes Geraldine, or Jeanie. Phillip becomes Phillipa or Pippa. I know they love that. The blush on their cheek tells me so.

I do wonder what these little seedlings will grow to be. I do know that they will bring great pleasure to their friends, though. And in the end, isn’t that what it’s all about?

I’d love it if you’d join as a Good Gurl, as I need to get just a few more members. And remember, for just $4.99 a month you get not only my diary, but also Clothes Maketh The Man, some wonderful hypnosis MP3’s and more a whole lot more. Join up today and help me build up my followers.

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Auntie Kittie.

Don’t forget our Pinterest.

I love Pinterest. I also understand that many people think graphically, and sometimes it offers a really good way to find your way around a subject. With this in mind I have a very comprehensive Pinterest presence I’d love you to join.


What are you doing in the back of your truck?

I was explaining to Sylvester, “Love is a mysterious and tender feeling, Sylvester.  It’s about giving, and sharing, and being sensitive to the person you’re doing it to in the back of your truck. You can’t judge others because of their romantic preferences.”

“Don’t try to tell me about love!” Said Sylvester.

“You sound like an eighties song,” I said and poured us both another cup of tea.

Sylvester was bemoaning one of his recent executive decisions. Running the local auto shop is quite demanding. Especially since he expanded into retailing tires. His most recent choice of new staff was proving more challenging than he had originally thought.

“When I hired him to manage the tire department he seemed so excited,” he said.

“I imagine he did. And how did it come to your attention that he was a rubber fetishist and something of a celebrity in the local swinger scene?”

“Lurch printed out some of his website. He left them on my desk.  Don’t ask me how Lurch found his site.”

“Oh!” I said. “That must have felt a bit ‘awkward’.”

Sylvester  looked at me sideways.

“Well, I don’t think it’s any of your business what he does in his spare time.”

I picked up one of the printed pages Sylvester had put on my kitchen table and studied it for a moment,  and then added, “And he appears to be rather good at it. Now, if he’s happy in there surrounded by rubber then that’s all to the good.”

Sylvester knew I was right.

“There, there, Sylvester,” I said to my crestfallen friend. “Take a lesson from the new guy and I’m sure you’ll bounce right back.”

At last, now that Sylvester had shut up I could tell him the gossip about Bernard’s weird brother, Kevin having an affair with his wife’s twin sister. Funny story, but that’s not the main reason I’m writing to you tonight.

I thought I might mention to you that, aside from my Good Gurls program ($4.99 a month) and my Premium Program ($14.99 a month) and all the other fun programs I offer, I am also pleased to be able to help my members by steering you toward gender counsellor Jules. This is specifically for people who are struggling with gender issues. You can read more about Jules here.

Have a delightful week, and stop by the site and you may find me chatting with members.



Relax and let go.

Stacey would like to help you relax. You can find more from Stacey in my Seahorse program.

Socks and Stockings.

I was so pleased to see a delivery arrive this morning with some new and colorful socks. As I’m wearing shorter skirts now, I am loving the fact that I can mix and match with some exciting new colors and textures covering my legs.

Here are a few ideas that have got me excited recently. I’m sure that slipping these on when you dress, or even under your usual clothes is sure to add a spring to your step.


Stockings and SocksTell me about them!
 Picking a beautiful pair of suspender pantyhose is a great choice for instant sex appeal, but also a low maintenance approach to swift dressing. These stockings will make your legs look spectacular and help you feel sexy and attractive in seconds, even if they’ve not been shaved in a while.
Get colorful with these packs that offer variety and style. These are perfect to add a special sparkle to a new outfit, or revitalise an older one. Dare to be colorful and you’ll find you can reignite your look with ease.
Don’t be afraid to explore the outer limits of good taste! Yes, sometimes it pays to get a little whacky. If you’re the sort of person who knows that if they’re not the wierdest person in the room, then you’re obviously in the wrong room, then you will have to have these great socks. Whether you wear them under your suit in the Funeral home where you work, or you just can’t resist them with a short skirt, then you know you’re on the right track as you pull these beauties on!


Jensen And The Lady Of The Manor – Part 1.

When Jensen finds he’s been made redundant by the company he’s given twenty years service, he decides to turn to a life of crime. Unfortunately his latest victim has other ideas.

Enjoy the first story in this new series.

You can find all the Jensen stories HERE.

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Anyone for a turkey enema?

A healthy diet is essential for a great crossdressing look.

As the new year rolls into action I have been working with Sebastian, my personal trainer, to tone and shape my body. He is a very helpful young man, I must say. 

I am determined that this year I will eat more healthily and reduce my carbon footprint in 2020. Perhaps a few less flights, and a few more vegetables are in order. Don’t you think it is important to enjoy a healthy amount of fresh fruit in your diet?

Last night it was a delightful surprise to be invited to a cocktail party held by a friend of Sebastian’s sister, Rainbow. While Rainbow is a certified carrot crunching yoga hippie, some of her yoga clients are quite unusual people. It was pleasant to be invited to one of their parties at a very exclusive address and I was interested to see how it would work out. After all, it can be exhausting having parties with Sylvester, Ali and Amanda, that often disintegrate into mayhem and occasionally someone being tied up and abandoned naked in a public park at 3 am. I suppose this is what you get for associating with people who need to have their back shaved periodically – and that’s just Amanda. How nice it would be to meet some people of quality.

By the time I had got dressed and ready I must say I really did look quite spectacular, if a little overdressed. Nonetheless, it’s nice to go over the top now and then.

Sebastian and I arrived and were shown into the ornate house and met by Carina (there’s always a Carina), Rainbow’s client. She swept up to us looking spectacular in her little black cocktail number.  She carried a tray loaded down with hors d’oeuvre.

Sebastian introduced us and our hostess beamed an expensive smile.

“Would you like a clam? Or perhaps a cocktail sausage?” she asked. “Oh, and which pronoun do you prefer, he, she or them?”

The tiny woman was almost vibrating with energy. I sensed she’d been doing a few too many yoga classes. She would likely benefit from a nice cleansing turkey enema.

I looked at Carina quizzically, trying to decide whether she was joking, and to see if her choice of hors d’oevre was somehow connected with the pronouns question. At that moment Rainbow appeared, and gave her brother a hug.

“Hey,” said Sebastian smiling at her. “You look…”

Sebastian was searching for words.

Carina chimed in cheerfully, “Earthy! That’s what I said! Rainbow you look so very ‘earthy’. I wish I was so brave,” she added.

Rainbow looked confused and replied, “Brave?”

“Yes, I mean I would never have been so brave as to make my own clothes. And wear them out,” said Carina. “Fiona, would you like a drink? I have a couple of special cocktails. Perhaps you’d like the carrot and Kale with a shot of vodka. Or maybe the Orange and langoustine gin. You should try them. I invented them myself.”

“Well, I am trying to eat and drink in a healthy way for the new year.  Perhaps the orange and langoustine gin.” I glanced around the room at the very fashionable set of guests. The ratio of chins to people was definitely on the low side. “And you’d better make it a double. But do me a favor and hold the orange.” I paused a moment and then said, “and the langoustines.”

Sebastian slipped off in search of a proper drink and headed toward what looked like a bar, followed by Carina.

As she hurried off, Rainbow turned to me looking confused and said, “Did she just say my clothes are worn out? I think I’ve been insulted, but I’m not sure.”

“Oh,” I said, “You’ve been insulted. But I wouldn’t worry about it. Let’s drink the silly cow’s gin and go and get some poutine at The Junction. They’ve got a show on at 10.”

Sebastian reappeared at that moment and said that Carina’s husband, Nigel (it had to be), had offered him the most disgusting cocktail he’d ever tasted.

“It’s one part gin, one part coca cola and a teaspoon of olive oil. He calls it an Exxon Valdez. I had it on the rocks, but it was so disgusting I spilled it into that aquarium.”

Across the room there was a very expensive looking aquarium that was looking a little the worse for having an Exxon Valdez poured into it.

Carina returned with our drinks and then went on to circulate with some of the many other guests.

“I think it’s time to bounce,” I said to Sebastian and Rainbow. Let’s go somewhere everyone knows our names.

I hope you’re getting the new year off to a wonderful start. If you’ve not already singed up to my Patreon please join me at


Fiona Dobson

Meet the women who love to feminize their men.

Meet the wonderful women who love to feminize their men.

When the woman of your dreams decides to make you into the woman of her dreams life gets complicated. Enjoy the great stories of Women Who Love To Femininze Their Men.

If you’re a woman wishing to feminize your partner I have a special section of the site just for you. Come and visit HERE.

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I’m not feeling myself this morning!


So, today I’m writing to talk about how to find great ideas to help you crossdress. We all need a little inspiration and time to do some planning from time to time. One of the simplest and most fun ways to spend a pleasant evening with a glass of wine and a pair of nylons, is to browse Pinterest looking for looks to emulate.

Many of you have heard me suggesting you do something other than looking at lingerie as your only crossdressing option.  Especially if you’re over 45, trying to look like a teenage bimbo is a goal you’re unlikely to reach. We’re not all as naturally lovely as Nikki Buxton, who I was very happy to chat with a while ago. As I’ve said before, a pig in a lingerie is still a pig. Not a phrase Amanda would appreciate. Better to aim for an attainable goal.

Personally I love steampunk styles. It speaks of fun, adventure, culture and sophistication. Check out my Pinterest for what turns my crank!

Looking like a great 45 year old woman is a viable option for a 45 year old crossdresser. Anyway, I have literally just started a Pinterest site where I post a few of my own ideas for dressing. If you follow me you may get to post to the Members Ideas Board. These may inspire you, or you may browse other looks and style. Either way, jump in there and look for a style that works for you. It’s fun and once you have a bit of an idea, you can go put and shop the entire outfit.

Once you’ve done that, crank up the volume and listen to today’s music video (below) and have a dance around the living room. What better way is there to indulge your feminine side?

If you’re in the north, I hope you are enjoying this lovely snowy weather. If not, have a great week anyway.



ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
It’s always wise to dress for success!
Chastity Devices – Breast Forms – Wigs – Corsets