My Seahorses are a special group. As a Seahorse you enjoy quite edgy content, with themes including forced feminization, some chastity, and also a little humiliation. And let’s be honest, couldn’t we all use a little discipline these days?

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Some of us simply need that little extra push from the firm leather clad hand that will compel you to do things that you might otherwise resist. Yet, you know you really shouldn’t resist, should you?  You know you can’t resist.

These hot dishes are served up ably by Mistress Meg and Katia Thornwood, in addition to enjoying my basic feminization program which I will ensure you are set up for. And I shouldn’t forget little Stacy, who helps Mistress Meg out whenever she needs an extra hand.

The Mistress Meg and Katia Thornwood content includes some very powerful self hypnosis files, and some delightful sound files. You will enjoy them enormously,  I have no doubt.

You will learn about some of Mistress Meg’s clients and the trials and tribulations that befall them. You really don’t want to show up late for an appointment with Mistress Meg. The consequences can be less than enjoyable. You can read a little more about Mistress Meg and Stacy here.

Relax, Slave. By Stacy. from Fiona Dobson on Vimeo.

Katia’s mystical magic will entwine you and leave you bound to her will like a fly caught in a web. And as much as you may think of resisting, we both know you never will. Katia is a little mystical, to say the least, and has a playful sense of humiliation many find irresistable. Finding yourself forced into subjugation, you will doubtless follow where she leads.

My Seahorses subscribe and pay just $10 a month. You’ll be enjoying stories and suggestions from Mistress Meg, Clothes Maketh The Man episodes, regular updates from me and a lot more besides. It’s a great system and if your thing is the slightly more adult content side of crossdressing,  I know you are going to enjoy being a Seahorse.

You will feel a growing connection with Mistress Meg and Katia. They are impressive ladies. And you will soon find that as much as you try, you cannot help but find yourself entirely under their control.

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If you’d like a little taste of hypnosis suitable for my Seahorse members feel free to use my Voices In Your Head self hypnosis MP3. Just listen to it now and then, and soon you’ll begin to experience the need to release yourself to those words that keep coming up from the subconscious. This brief but powerful hypnosis file costs just $1.99.

Some of my members also like to play the Chastity Challenge. You can find this periodically on Mistress Meg’s Twitter. Just follow her and follow her instructions. You’ll also see other fun activities run out of the Twitter account. As one of my special gurls I expect you to retweet content whenever you can.