My Programs

My programs are designed to help you feel as feminine and gender fluid as I do myself. They are a wonderful way to explore yourself in new ways and develop sides of you that have likely been suppressed for many years.

The feeling of lingerie against your skin, the desire for silk and the beauty of soft sensations are part of it. Releasing some aspects of being so masculine – some of those alpha tendencies – can be an aspect of it, too. Ultimately the path is one that leads to  a kinder gentler version of yourself. A better you.

My programs help you find the freedom you’ve long craved, but have only found in guilty moments that leave you unsatisfied and often feeling ashamed.  Don’t worry. Those days are over.

Let’s help you feel as feminine, and free of those old outdated ideas as you need to be. For some this is the start of a journey into transition, but for most this is an adventure that will allow you to chose where and when you explore the world of the gender fluid.

You are about to find some new frontiers. It’s a wonderful undertaking. I’m here to guide you and help you enjoy it.

The Free Program (always free).

This is where everyone starts. It’s completely delivered by email, you don’t need to log in to anything, unless of course you want to. You will need to check your spam folder to make sure that after you’ve signed up the emails don’t just get sent to oblivion.

You’ll get messages from me every few days, and as long as you’re in our system we love you to be in here. My regular updates as well as training information and hypnosis files are sent direct to your email.

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You’ll love it!

The Premium Program ($35 a year).

The Premium Program now spans years of content and is growing daily. Every week you’ll receive new exercises and training information. You’ll learn how to talk to others about crossdressing, as well as how to identify friends who may wish to help you.

This program is delivered entirely via email. Nothing to sign into, nothing to register with. After making payment email me at and I’ll set you up.

You’ll learn new crossdressing skills, and get a solid grounding in the ideas associated with gender fluidity. Many of my members are just starting out in their explorations of crossdressing, while others have been happily doing this for years. This program is designed to help you, where ever you on your journey towards femininity.

Put on your patent heels and step into a great Premium Program today.

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The Eiite Whatsapp Group ($9.99 a month).

At last, a combination of support from other CDs, and simply delivered feminization program content – all straight to your phone.

You get daily program content, daily chat from other CDs, and a chance to introduce yourself and get to know others who share your interests. You can quietly watch from the sidelines or enjoy the banter on your morning commute. It’s generally text communication over Whatsapp, with some video and images.

Don’t forget that you’re also going to be able to watch and in some cases even participate in the adventures I get into, as they unfold. There’s never been any crossdress program that you can participate in quite like this before.

We manage Group sizes so it doesn’t become overwhelming. If you like Whatsapp, you’re going to love The Elite Whatsapp Group.

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