My Programs

My Programs

I am so pleased to support my members. My programs offer some very specific content, which is generally delivered via email. This content is deigned to be entertaining, informative and supportive. I always endeavor to be here for my members, and should you be struggling to find what’s right for you please reach out. I am always ready to make a suggestion or two based on your needs.

When you join any of my programs you become a member of a valued community. It’s my job to help you and serve that community to my best ability, and I’ve been doing so since 2016. Join us and enjoy the wonderful content that I share.

  1. My Basic Program.

This is free to all who sign up. It includes some simple tasks and you’ll also get my newsletter, which generally goes out once a week. It’s a fun and free way to begin to explore my world, and also stay connected. You’ll learn to love the regular emails that you get from my friends and I.

  1. Good Gurls – Entertainment for your everyday crossdressing gurl.

Auntie Kittie looks after all my Good Gurls. The stories, Auntie Kittie’s Diary and of course Clothes Maketh The Man combine to make this the most fun place to enjoy crossdressing entertainment at its best. As well as my regular emails you’ll get a cornucopia of fun and entertaining content for all of us that love to crossdress and explore the flamboyant world of genderfluidity. You can join here for as little as $4.99 a month or a discounted rate of just $49.95 a year.

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  1. The Premium Program – a feminization process.

Over the course of many months you’ll be receiving emails to encourage and educate you in the realm of trans, genderfluid and non-binary life. There’s a series of tasks, some useful tips and tricks for all who love to dress, and of course there’s discussion and explanations about much of the psychology of crossdressing and gender exploration. This is a great place to learn more and understand some of those challenging aspects of crossdressing.

You’ll learn how to recognise women who are interested in crossdressers, and you’ll learn how to talk to a partner about crossdressing. This program will also help you release any shame associated crossdressing and educate you about gender fluidity.

Many of my Premium Members have found great joy here, realising that they are valued and need not feel any shame around the way they are managing their gender issues. My Premium Members are a valued and special group. Many of them stay as loyal members for years. If you’re seriously interested in understanding crossdressing, and exploring gender this is a great avenue for you. You can join here for just $14.99 a month, or a discounted rate of $149.95 a year.

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  1. Seahorses – Naughty but nice!

For those who love the thought of crossdressing, but also feel a little encouragement and discipline is in order, Mistress Meg will guide you firmly but kindly (well… firmly at any rate) toward the destination you know you cannot avoid. Now, slip into those heels while I push this ball gag into your mouth, and then you can tell me how much you love it! You can join here for just $14.95 a month, or as little as $149.95 a year.

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  1. My Whatsapp Group – A supportive place to chat to others about crossdressing and to share ideas.

My Whatsapp group is a fun and safe place for people to chat and connect with others online. It’s been running for a couple of years now and includes some guidelines that keep chat respectful and healthy. For many of us that lack a local community this provides a useful forum for discussion and help. If you’ve never had a group of like minded friends to look to for understanding and support this is a wonderful avenue. You can join here for just $9.99 a month.

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  1. Her Guide to Feminizing Her Partner.

A special group for women who love to feminize their men. So many of my members asked for content to help their wives both understand and enjoy their crossdressing. Here at last is the first program of its type. Something to enjoy and indulge in. You can even sign up for an introductory package HERE. You can join here for just $9.99 a month.

Feminize your man today.
  1. Unicorns – I want it all!

Yes, you really can have it all. In this bundle you get the Basic Program, the Premium Program, and my Whatsapp Group all for the low low price of $22.95 a month.  This is a great program for those wishing to participate in the widest variety of programs I offer. You can join here for just $22.95 a month.

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8. Behind the scenes with Fiona. For my special members wishing to go behind the scenes with me I welcome members to my Patreon.

I have created this special, and exclusive, program for all those interested in the intimate details of daily life here in Huckleberry Close. The content is exclusive to Patreon, and will be of value to those who wish to share in my daily adventures.

In accordance with the platforms restrictions in content I am posting content here that is ‘Safe For Work’. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Join in and share with me some of the day to day happenings that color my existence.

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There is another aspect to this site that’s quite important. The fact is, the trans community generally is quite a disempowered group. In many ways we are discriminated against. I realise not all members can afford my services. Those who become paid members help fund the enormous quantity of free high value content I provide for those unable to contribute financially. When you become a member you are also assisting those who simply cannot pay. You might want to feel good about that.

I’ve been serving our community since 2016 and hope you can join and enjoy the services and programs I offer. If there’s something you need and you don’t see it here, just reach out to me and let’s see what I can do.