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Auntie likes to take special care of her little boys.

I am so pleased to find you here.  I do so love to spend a little time with my young friends. I’m a neighbor of Fiona’s. Everyone calls me Auntie Kittie.

My naughty nephews and nieces are always getting into trouble. I sometimes find this a little embarrassing, being a governor of a leading school, and serving on several educational boards.

But, let’s talk a little about how I can help you. I suppose the best way to think about this is for me to tell you about some of my nephews. They do love to drop by after school, or stay for a weekend when my sister and her husband are away. And naturally I like to be the favorite aunt!

Auntie loves to play games. Would you like to play?

Being the favorite Auntie, the one they long to come and see has become so  much easier now they are growing up a bit. I often ask them to help me out as I get dressed and prepared for an evening out.  It’s really not so unusual for one of them to be helping by brushing my hair, or helping me dress. 

I love to wear corsets, and girdles, and it’s not so very unusual to find them helping select just the right piece of lingerie from my extensive wardrobe. I have a selection of admittedly rather large bras, and some delightful panties – suited to my rather fuller figure – that I may send them to my walk in closet to select.

Often I have asked one of my nephews to fasten a hard to reach bra, their little fingers so nimble, yet trembling just a little, as they find the hooks and loops and secure the strap. My perfume, always a little too heavy, wafts up as they peek over my shoulders, as I sit before the large dressing table mirror.

I catch them looking, raise an eyebrow, and watch them turn so beet red that I tingle with pleasure at their discomfort. You know that look, don’t you? How many times have you been caught out? Little boys can be so naughty.

“Oh, Christopher, bring the black panties – with the rose embroidery of the front panel – you know how very much Auntie loves those ones!”

And he diligently trots off to find them, as I do my make up and adjust my bra. When he returns I take them from him, and ask him to wait, and turn and face the wall,  as I slip a pair off, and try these so lovely silky ones on.

How many times have I caught him looking? Yes, you guessed. Many. Which is how I know I am still his favorite Auntie.

Now, Auntie loves to play games, you know. 

When Christopher is naughty I’ve had him dress in some of my daughters clothes. One weekend I even insisted he spend the entire weekend dressed in them. Such a naughty little boy. 

Be sure to become one of Fiona’s Good Gurls – and then I think we’ll become the best of friends.

And yet, still he comes in to have tea and biscuits on the way home from school. Eagerly.

I’m sure you’d love to play some games too. Well, I am always happy to oblige. You can even help me by joining and becoming one of my Good Gurls. You’ll get access to my diary, Which I write twice a week, and I do answer almost all email personally. All for just $4.99 a month. Auntie will make sure you’re more than satisfied.

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