“I take care of those among our members requiring a certain level of encouragement.” Mistress Meg.

With Mistress Meg

I am so pleased to be looking after some of Fiona’s gurls. I look after those that require a slightly more forceful approach to adopting their rightful place on the gender spectrum. My responsibility is managing our sissies.

I’ve found that taking the slave’s point of view is sometimes amusing. Not that amusing though.

In our Seahorse level you’ll find me tending to all the needs of those troublesome little sissy maids that continually clutter up the place. It’s going to come as a surprise to you, but we’ve had to look after a few quite famous people here. You’d be surprised who requests the services of a thorough trainer.  Generally they are forced to perform menial tasks about my studio. Using the vacuum cleaner, polishing the leather work, occasionally putting their mouth to good use.  I’m sure you can well imagine.

I have a range of hypnosis files, various tasks from time to time, which I expect performed promptly, and a variety of other games to amuse myself, Katia and Stacy.

My sissies range in age as broadly as the Mistresses who discipline them.  As young as my own assistant Stacy, and as mature as Auntie Kittie, all are wonderful and fair women. Of course, they may place certain demands on their guests, but it’s naturally always for their own good. For example, Stacy caused – shall we say a little ‘accident’ – in the studio the other day. Rather than clean it up herself with a cloth she had one of the sissy maids come in, and after an introductory application of a stiff cane, had him lick it up from her foot.

When I learned of the incident, I was of course a little annoyed.

“Stacy, you’re not to use the sissies for your own amusement! Be careful with them!”

While a little young, Stacy is capable and willing when it comes to disciplining my slaves.

She’s a willful girl though.  I may have her disciplined for my amusement again. She’s a pretty young thing and I must say a good caning on her bare back leaves a warming splash of color on her soft creamy young flesh. And she always crawls up to my feet and nuzzles me afterward. She’s an affectionate little thing, and she knows who is in charge.

I’ve been pleased to notice some of our maids in Fiona’s Elite Whatsapp Group. It’s gratifying to see them chatting away like a bunch of schoolgirls. How amusing to think what they would give to serve. They would give everything. I don’t mean financially.  No far from it, the Seahorse tier is a mere $10 a month. No, all I ask for is their living breathing soul. Are you ready to deal? Perhaps you long to join me, too.

Now, I’m going to do some posts in my Seahorse level, just for our sissies.  Be sure to sign up soon.

You know how important it is for you to look good for Mistress Meg and Katia. They are hard task masters and expect you to do your best. You know your place, and you’re desperate to find the right mistress.

Well, Sissie, you’re in the right place.

We both know exactly how to treat you. Don’t worry. You will learn to behave as the sissie you know you’ve always been. Now, are you going to behave for us?

Join Fiona’s Patreon as a Seahorse for just $10 a month and we’re going to start making sure you serve with the devotion you know you wish to give us.

Join now, like a good sissie.

Meg and Katia