A Testimonial from a member

Monique wrote —- (27 Dec 2018)—-

Dear Fiona,

I wanted just to drop you a quick note and say thank you for being with me on this year of discovery.
It’s over a year now since I started on your program and it’s been so inspirational.
It all started with hearing your sweet voice on SoundCloud.com
I loved the one about breast enhancement, it became quite my favourite.
From there I joined your program and loved the mail a day to begin with, coaxing me just a little further everyday.

I often wear perfume and eye make up to the office now and my hair is much longer and my body completely smooth.
I had my downs of course, that awful ‘hack’ threat in the summer but you pick me up and soothed me.
And I had some great outings with gurlfriends and lady friends, even a trip to a drag show and the nail spa and vanilla restaurant in NYC with my mentor from Fetlife.com.

Oh what a year it’s been. All that and a lot of girl boy fun and games at some clubs I know in Germany and Austria.

Thank you so much my darling Fiona and Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year
Keep the encouragement flowing please.

M xxx

Ps I’d be honored if you use the photos 

This unedited email is from one of my dear members.

I am always thrilled to hear from my members, and I generally answer all emails, even if it takes me a little time to get to them. FD