Auntie Kittie’s naughty nephews and nieces.

Auntie Kitty knew that her nephew would have to be punished for teasing his girl cousins. But what would be the best punishment? After asking her niece, they decided together that perhaps it would be best to have David wear his cousin’s bra for the rest of the day.

My nephews and nieces are the light of my life, being such lovely young people. I always treat them with kindness and respect, but sometimes that kindness has to take the form of discipline.

I have often felt that a child without discipline is merely the precursor to an adult without the respect of others. As such, it’s important that I demonstrate my kindness and keep my nieces and nephews in line. As a member of the board of governors of St. Bernadette’s School For Gurls I take this duty very seriously.

Auntie believes it’s good to have people look up to you. Are you ready to be one of Auntie’s nephews?

And respect is so important, don’t you think?  I have always felt it’s very important to have people look up to you, if you really want to achieve anything in this life. 

I am pleased to say that both my nephews and nieces have developed into fine young people as a result of my attention.  I know that the eldest of them are wonderfully popular members of their universities, although I do sometimes wonder if perhaps I have had a negative influence at times. I do hope not.

My little nieces have learned that they need never feel disrespect of others. They’ve learned that when I dispense punishments, sometimes they’re required to take part in the process, so that others see they can not be taken advantage of. Strangely, this seems to be something they are quite keen to partake in.

There’s little point in me spanking a young man if he’s upset one of my nieces. So much better that they learn to wield the hair brush themselves. That way the perpetrator is so much more likely to remember their punishment. It just seems logical to me.

My nephew Gerald unfortunately requires constant discipline.

I write my diary several times a month. I’d be delighted if you join me and help in my journey. I’m sure you could probably use a certain amount of discipline yourself. Such things don’t change much as we grow up, do they? Honestly, can you really say you have not done anything to deserve this harsh kind of love? I’m sure you have.

Well, perhaps I should be the judge of whether or not you’ve been good. I think it’s probably better that way, don’t you?

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  1. I’m definitely interested in getting a little bit of help from you I get confused sometimes and I love to wear lingerie and cute skirts and blouses what am I supposed to do it feels so good and I love to wear it all. Please respond and advise me I’m so desperate to hear from you and your advice love you your nephew/niece Joanne/ LEA

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