Auntie Kittie’s Goodies.

I’ve decided to start a page just for my good gurls, to help you choose something to wear. Only there’s a catch. I’d like you to choose something on this page, and then when you get it through the mail, I’d like you to send me a picture of you wearing it.

The very best pics will get published, if you say in the email it’s ok to use it.  Be sure you say that clearly if you do want me to use it, I wouldn’t want to make any mistakes with that!

Now, if you’re going to be one of my good gurls, you’ll be sure to select one of the above, and then order them. I hope to see a picture soon.

As an alternative, you know I do love to wear a provocative robe about my house, particularly if I’m having young visitors. I’m sure you can imagine. Sometimes my breasts are really quite nicely on display, warm and round and inviting. Now, think how lovely it would be if you wore one too! Be sure to send me a pic.

So, you know what to do. Have you signed up as a Good Gurl yet?  I think it’s time, don’t you? 

I love to hear from my good gurls – and my naughty nephews. I hope you’ve signed up for my newsletter HERE. Either way, most of my messages go out through Fiona’s mailing system and you’ll get regular episodes from my diary.

Sometimes Auntie just knows best.

OF course for the very best of my Diary you’ll have to join as a Good Gurl. It’s just $1 a month and I know you’ll love it.