Baby steps in crossdressing.

From time to time I am approached by a new member who has never crossdressed and wonders how to start out.  This is often through my website and is the first tiny steps toward something that seems unfamiliar and a little disturbing.

When I am approached like this the first thing I often do is find out how aware the person is about crossdressing. They often have the usual questions. “Does it mean I’m gay?” and “Is it wrong”.  Many times I refer them to my page –

Followed by

And, as is often the way, they often want to get right to it.  What should I do now?

Well, first off, be assured you’re not doing anything ‘wrong’. You’re exploring a new horizon, and it may feel unfamiliar. That should not be surprising. While it’s very important to learn more about the whole subject, you may want to just go out and experiment. But what to do that very first time?

I understand you don’t just want to stare at a computer screen. At some point you do want to read My First Time comments on my site to see how others came to this exciting place. That need not be this second. Instead you probably want to try on panties and see how you look. It’s a tentative step – a small step for man, a giant leap for transkind.

I usually tell my members not to take underwear from their family or friends – it’s just poor manners. Better to go out and buy some panties, a pair of tights (choose size C or D). The darker the tights the less your leg hair will show. It’s just a little thing, but as soon as you try them on you will feel a lot happier.

Now, once dressed in this simple little addition, even if you just wear jeans over them, you’ve taken your first steps into a new adventure. And for that adventure, you will need a new name, if you don’t have one already. So, I’d like you to think of when you were at high school, and one of the girls you admired. Think of her qualities that most appealed to you. This is more than whether or not she had a huge chest. It’s about her personality. Now, just as a starting point take that name for this side of your life.

You can imagine some of the powerful women in your life referring to you by this name. Strangely it starts to feel very comfortable. Natural even. You start to like the idea.

A gentle word of caution.  Adjust expectations.  If you’re just starting out on this path, don’t expect to look fantastic on day one. It is a skill and it takes practice. You’ll be surprised by what you can achieve, but don’t expect to look like a model on day one.

Gradually thinking of yourself as being referred to with your new name, and getting comfortable with it, is a big step. Now, to reinforce this and help you along, go ahead and use the form below to sign up to my free basic program. The emails you get will reinforce the name each time you see it. Very soon you will find that being called by that name makes you feel wonderful.

As time goes by this activity will get more sophisticated. In it’s early stages it can feel like a fetish – and perhaps that’s as far as it goes. Likely that’s not the case. It’s likely this is the start to a far more exciting journey, and where that leads can be magical.