Behind The Scenes.

Behind The Scenes With Fiona.



As I toast a marshmallow over the wreckage of Twitter I find myself without a platform on which to share the every day struggles of a crossdressing advertising executive, such as myself.

With this in mind I am creating this special, and exclusive, tier for all those interested in the intimate details of daily life here in Huckleberry Close. The content is exclusive to Patreon, and will be of value to those who wish to share in my daily adventures, the highs and the lows.

Generally on my site I don’t include the more weighty happenings in life. On this tier I include the personal reactions to this world – ever more complicated – and where I fit within it, as well as the personal experiences that color my daily existence. Try it. You may find you enjoy the ride.

In accordance with the platforms restrictions in content I am posting content here that is ‘Safe For Work’.

To enjoy this tier of membership just use the Patreon button below and select Behind the Scenes With Fiona as the tier you wish to join.

Join in and share with me some of the day to day happenings that color my existence.



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