I received a very touching email this morning from one of my members, and I asked if I could use it on the site, as it is a story many of us can relate to. So, here’s a great story from Tammy….


Hi Fiona,

I’m dressed now and enjoying it. I feel real good. Let me describe how I’m dressed. I started with my thigh high stocking. black in color, with a white harder belt, white panties a black dress with a black bra. With black heals.

Let me tell you my story. When I was a little boy my grandma dressed me in my sister’s clothes. I liked the feeling and that is what started me dressing. Every time I got the chance to dress I did. I don’t know if anyone knew but I’m sure they figured it out. This went on through school years. When I graduated high-school I went on to a trade school. That is when I started buying my own clothes. I still have my own wardrobe today. Panties, Bras, and Dresses, and Skirts Blouses. and shoes.

When I got out of Trade School I Joined the Navy. and I gave all my cloths up to Good Will. I did my time in the Navy and then got married. That is when I had my family a girl and a boy. Then I got out of the Navy and worked for civil service. Anyway, I started dressing again a little bit at a time. Then I got a job working for an airline. Later we all moved to California. That is where my wife found out about my dressing. I had to stop, or get a divorce. I didn’t want the divorce so I stopped dressing again.

I stayed with my wife till she died. My son took over my house and I moved into a apartment. That is the next time I started buying my clothes to crossdress and building up a wardrobe again. So I’m still dressing today. More so now than I did then. I got a new wardrobe and I have more clothes to crossdress with then my men’s clothes.

During this time I got married again. But this time I told her about my crossdressing before I married her. So, my wife knows and she is OK with it. But she does not want me to dress infront of her. She says she is marrying a man. Not a woman. So, I dress every day after she goes to work. Before she gets off work I change back into my men’s clothes. But I still wear my panties and bra under the clothes. I feel good and I am happy the way things are.

Now things are even getting better since I found your web site. I enjoy all the stories and the hypnosis recordings. and I listen to them all the time now. I even was very happy to get to talk to you the other day. Now I wear my panties 24/7 and I am working on my breasts, making them grow. I’m happy to say they are a 44A-B and I love them.

I hope you enjoyed my story.