Join our Elite Whatsapp Group

If you know you’d definitely like to join the Elite Whatsapp Group you can participate immediately by joining the program directly for just $9.99 a month here.

I am so pleased to be able to offer you something really special. Joining this group allows you to circumvent the hassles of email and go straight to a direct level of communication with both myself and other members of The Elite Group.

You’ll need Whatsapp on your phone, and everyday you’ll be able to chat with Elite Group Members, as well as follow along with adventures as they happen in realtime – and even get CD tips and tricks along the way.

Many of us don’t have a community of others with which to share our thoughts and experiences. This group provides a great means to connect with others and find that community, even if we are unable to find such a group offline.

There are limited slots available, and you will need to understand some very basic rules. We keep all discussion civil, no images are allowed that are distasteful, or likely to give offense, and we commit not to be disruptive in the group.

If this page is visible then I am accepting new members to the group. come on in, choose a femme name, and introduce yourself to us.

This is a great way to enjoy the Fiona Dobson world, as you can form friendships and personal connections while also enjoying crossdressing program content.

After you make your payment you’ll receive a link and be able to join the group.

Here are the basic guidelines for membership:

1. Please try and keep chat civil and fun.

2. Please respect privacy of all members and only reach out with direct messages to others if you’ve already got their permission to direct message one another while in the group chat. (This might look like: “Gina: Jenny is it ok for me to message you directly? – Jenny: Yes, Gina, you can message me directly.” Please only contact others if you have persistent and ongoing consent.

3. Pics are great – but no gratuitously pornographic content as we’re all in work and family environments with our phones.

4. No abusive behaviour.

5. This forum is not an appropriate environment to promote competitive services or crossdressing sites. 

Please remember this is a work in progress. If you’re concerned about content or abuse of the group please message me directly and I will moderate the situation.

You’ll be able to see things going on in the group immediately. After joining you’ll be expected to introduce yourself to other members. This is a great way to start building friendships and participating in a great new adventure.

The nature of the conversations in the group is carefully managed, and the general guideline is that content should be supportive and positive. I do moderate content to ensure that it doesn’t descend into anything pornographic. This group is designed to provide members with an uplifting centre of support and provide a community that is both safe and respectful.

See you in the group.

Join the Elite Whatsapp Group directly –

  1. Pay your $9.99 subscription here:
  2. Use the link which you are provided with to join the group, and introduce yourself.