Make Up – Eye Shadow

Choosing and applying the right eye make up is a skill that for many of us develops over years.  If you are like many of my members you will want a selection of colours that can either be worn when you are dressing privately, or when you are going out dressed in a male form.

A carefully chosen palette of colours will allow you to wear a touch of colour even when you are not actually dressing, which can feel reinforcing and satisfies a desire to bring the gurl in you to the fore.

The first few times you attempt to apply eye shadow are likely to be a little disappointing. Try to remember hat practice is the only solution. Working at it with a friend, if that’s an option, can be a great way to spend an afternoon.

You’ll fiind a host of tutorial videos on Youtube about how to apply eye makeup. Some are great, some are horrible. The one below is a good place to start, but always remember it comes down to practice.