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I’d like to welcome you to the Premium Program. The first thing I’d like to do is to assure you this is a very confidential little service. This suits our members who are all on a very personal journey of self discovery.

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My Premium Program costs just $9.99 a month and includes conditioning, hypnosis, educational content, approaches to talking to spouses and partners and even information about how to recognise others who may be interested in crossdressers.

You can see, there’s a lot to this. Those days of feeling awkward about dressing and off throwing out clothes will soon be far behind you. My program helps you accept yourself, and find the joy in dressing.


For those of us who love to dress it can be a source of fun and satisfaction. That’s really what this program will help you achieve. My goal is to help you do so safely and with a sense of fun.

We have a set of Guidelines to which you are expected to conform. In doing things this way we’ve managed to help many people expand their experience from embarrassed curiosity to finding great happiness and joy in their adventures and explorations.

For many of us, getting here has been a difficult path, sometimes including deceit, lies and deception. It’s time to release those bad experiences and learn to love this very important part of who you are. Denyng yourself will lead only to feelings of frustration and the purging of your your wardrobe – only to be replaced later as the desire returns.

So, here’s how it all works. In the Premium Program you will be set a number of tasks. These tasks are created to condition you into a more feminine way of thinking and behaving. They start quite simply and gently. Some of the activities you may have already completed, though we’d like you to step through them anyway. We like you to follow our lead here, as we have a well developed system and it will help you on your journey into crossdressing. There is enough leeway for you to adapt the tasks to your own situation, and in working through each task in order you develop the rather unusual set of skills you will need to fully enjoy the experience of crossdressing.

Many of our members will never pass as female. That’s not a problem. Remember, this is about how you feel, as much as how you look. While many will also pass wonderfully as feminine, all will enjoy embracing that softer and more sensitive aspect of their nature that is so desperately looking to emerge.

We both know the excitement you enjoy pulling on a pair of nylons or slipping into panties. You possibly also realise that this is really just the start or a greater journey. To get the very most out of it you need gentle guidance. As you progress you will develop further confidence and feel more invested. You will find yourself easily able to slip into a more feminine persona when you wish to, or to maintain the conventional lifestyle of a man if you so wish.

tumblr_o634h1rRmb1uxh3kao1_500One of the great freedoms associated with the exploration of crossdressing is the heightened sexual intensity you can experience. This is both wonderful, and dangerous if not managed with care and sensitivity. I am here to help you with this and allow you to experience the elevated excitement of connecting in the femme form, as well as managing your life in a fully functional and discrete manner.

For a new crossdresser this can seem very exciting, but also surrounded with some feelings of embarrassment and shame. Don’t worry. We can help release those feelings and allow you to immerse yourself in the joys of embracing your femme self.

Some people wonder if this is the same as being homosexual. While this is a question some spend a great deal of time wondering about, I’d suggest you don’t worry too much about it. Enjoying a physical pleasure, and a complex emotional experience filled with excitement does not need labeling. It is far more complex than simply ‘gay or not gay’. It’s also far more complex than merely searching for a sexual high. Anyone who has crossdressed knows the joy of finding that feminine side, alone or with others, sometimes entirely without sexual connection.

At the same time, as you further immerse yourself in the journey you will find yourself increasingly drawn to the desire to fulfill that pinnacle of femme sexuality and feel yourself taken – by either man or woman – whilst in the femme persona. Therein you will find your ultimate freedom as that side of you experiences it’s pinnacle of intense pleasure. Imagine being confident with a man, or a woman, and enjoying the results of that. You will be able to serve – or if you wish, have them serve you. For those that wish to be with a crossdresser, your wish is literally their command. You are the most prized among partners – capable of things others can only dream of.

This is a wonderful journey when managed well, and it’s my pleasure to help you along this path. So, a little more about the program.

You will work through a series of  tasks. Each moves you a little further along the path.  As explained, you may already have done some of these, but we do expect you to complete each one in order – you’ll see why shortly. The tasks are continually updated and added to. My gurls often suggest new tasks to incorporate and so I am always adding to the material.

Once these are completed you are will feel confident and very likely ready to meet others, to find new relationships and to exercise this exciting side of your personality. You’ll see our guidelines later, but please be aware that deviation from the guidelines results in expulsion. This is for the safety and confidentiality of all concerned. This is specifically to protect you and my other members.

As you progress through the tasks you are being gently conditioned. A graduate of this feminization program is sure to enjoy their femme persona safely and securely as they begin to act with more confidence and self-assurance.

You will also get messages from my assistant, Julie. She sends interesting additional tips and advice.

Once you’ve read this information please email me back with the words, “I understand and agree to maintain confidentiality’ and I will send you The Guidelines.

Yes, there is a cost. You are expected to pay an club membership of US$9.99 a month. This is maintained by all members. By joining my Premium Program, you’re also supporting the work I do for members of the community in the Free Program, so you can really feel you are supporting others as well.

This is a system which helps many very normal people embrace the practice of crossdressing in a private and fun way. It’s good to remember that everyone enjoying this program is looking for their own particular blend of happiness and excitement. Have fun with it!

So, here’s what you do:

  1. Pay the subscription price below.
  2. Email me at and tell me you’ve paid for the premium program, including the email address used for payment.
  3. Be sure to add to your address book so I don’t end up in your spam folder.

You’re going to love what we do together.

crossdressingWho is it for?

  • If you are new to crossdressing this program will ease you into the process and be a great introduction, as well as leading you along the path deep enough to gain real satisfaction from your dressing.
  • If you are on the DL the program is perfect for you, giving you some new ways to enjoy yourself.
  • If you already crossdress regularly you’ll find plenty in the program to develop your skills and practice further, and help you feel comfortable with it.
  • If you like to dress but would not want to transition, we’re ideal.
  • If you’d like to transition about 45% of the program will be relevent, primarily the psychological and subsconscious aspects of developing your femme self will be of great use to you.
  • If you dress all the time and pass as female all the time some of the psychology and conditioning will be of use – about 30%.

My intent is to give you something that you learn to love, and makes your dressing a source of happiness. With over 9000 members, I think I am succeeding. Join me.