Stacey’s Page

I work for Mistress Meg. I help her out at her studio and make sure all the guests are looked after. I do get in trouble with her from time to time though.

I enjoy helping Mistress Meg feminize her guests, though some of them are a little older than boyfriends I’ve had. I am still in college, so I don’t often have time for relationships. But I do enjoy having fun working for Mistress Meg. We work together feminizing our guests or do other things to them, often to help them understand how it’s best for them to be subordinate to the women in their lives. It’s better for everyone that way, after all.

Recently Mistress Meg’s been a bit annoyed at me because she found my phone and saw so many of the pictures of my boyfriends, who I love to dress up and have send me selfies. I admit I do tease them a little.

Would you dress up for me and send me a selfie? I’d like it if you did. If you’d like to send me a sexy selfie of you dressed you can do so at But only send it if you’re ok with me using it.

Anyway, I do like to play. But if you really want to join in, then join the Patreon at the Seahorse level and read all about the fun we have feminizing Mistress Meg’s guests. You’d be quite shocked what we make them do!

Of course we use a few helpful tools to keep our guests compliant. You can even enjoy some of our hypnosis files and some of our stories when you join us. I know you’ll like it.

You can read all about what we get up to on Patreon. If you’d just like a little help finding your way around just check out this page and it will help. There’s something here for everyone.

I’ve no doubt you’ll find it entertaining. In the meantime follow me on Twitter and be sure to share my tweets.


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