Women who love crossdressers

Many women love men who crossdress and find it an exciting part of their partnership. While not everyone’s cup of tea, some women find it the source of a powerful attraction.

However, it’s not merely a matter of pulling on some mesh panties. It’s about understanding a more feminine viewpoint, and allowing that suppressed side of yourself grow. This can be attractive in ways you’ve not even imagined.

Among other things, my premium program helps identify the traits of a woman who desires a crossdressing partner. I also help you understand the right way to chat with them, and engage them.

If you’re a woman looking to connect with one of my crossdressing members, I have something great for you.

I am thrilled to announce a new addition to My Little Black Book.  We are now actively looking for new female members of the Little Black Book, and are offering membership free.

Many women love the idea of dating a crossdresser. Many would also like the chance just to chat and correspond as a private friend. I’d love to start connecting you with some of my gurls, so if you’re up for it I can set you up.

Now, there’s a specific process to qualify for this. So, listen up and you’ll get your free membership. First, we do this through my Facebook page. So, if you’re a genetic female, please send me a message on Facebook including your email address. Ask to become a free member of My Little Black Book, and I will start the process. There is no charge associated with this.

I will double check your Facebook page to verify you are actually a female (can you believe some people pretend to be female!!!! It’s shocking!), and then I’ll send you all the log in details etc.

We want you to reach out to our members and say hi, and offer any support and advice you can. Don’t forget to adhere to our Guidelines – that’s very important. I unfortunately have to boot anyone that violates these Guidelines, for the protection of all other members.

I want you to have a lot of fun with our Gurls. Connect, Chat and maybe even meet.