How to feminize your man.

At last, a program that teaches you exactly how to go about the safe and fun process of feminizing your partner. Take him as far as you wish to with this weekly program to introduce him to his feminine side.

Many men long to be introduced to their feminine side, but feel too awkward to introduce their idea to their partner, fearing they will appear weak. You know, however, there’s nothing weak about the feminine energy within you. This program helps you give your partner what they secretly desire but are too ashamed to ask for.

To help you get started I even have some fun self hypnosis files for you to listen to. You can find these free HERE. There’s even a few suggestions for some clothing and a few little gifts for your partner. You are going to have a lot of fun with this.

In a series of exercises you are led through the steps necessary to quietly but firmly move your partner toward a feminized outcome. You will get precise instructions of tasks to carry out week by wek, while retaining the ability to choose what’s best for your new ‘gurl’.

With suggestions about how to overcome their reluctance, and how to present alternatives they simply won’t want to refuse, you are trained systematically to take control. As they become increasingly pliant, your marriage moves to become a female led relationship, in which you make the decisions and you decide the outcomes.

You’ve never seen your partner quite like this, and nor have they. However, you’re guaranteed to enjoy this process.

Sign up below for the introductory phase of the program, at no cost. Don’t worry, soon ‘she’ will be thanking you! If you’d like to go directly to my Premium Program for women, do so HERE.


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