Women who love to femininize their husbands. Marina.

There are many reasons women love to play with gender roles. In this series of interviews I talk to some of the women who love to feminize their partners and friends. This week I’m talking to Marina, who lives in Montreal. Marina is a 51 year old chemical engineer.  FD

When I was at university in Montreal I loved to go out to the local gay clubs and drag shows. My girlfriends and I would go their together, and it made us feel special. I think half the people we’d see were pretty sure we were all lesbians, but we weren’t.

Well, not at that time. And I’d only experimented a couple of times with girlfriends. Like most people I was curious. And when you’re a young student it’s a good time to start experimenting. Funnily enough I was in a course with Fiona at the time, though I didn’t know her then.

We would go out to a drag show and end up dancing the night away. Most times there would be someone in the club that would hit on one of us, and we quickly learned that just because a man puts on a wig and some make up it doesn’t mean he won’t sleep with a woman. In fact two of my girlfriends ended up marrying people they met in the drag clubs. They’re still married today, twenty years down the road, which is more than I can say for myself.

Either way, it wasn’t until much later, when I had been married for a few years that I decided I wanted to explore a few ideas with my husband. We’d already been married seven years and things were getting just a little stale. It’s not that I have a particularly high libido, but I really do enjoy sex, and I wasn’t really feeling that it had the magic it once held. Being a creative sort of person I didn’t just wait around wondering if things would improve. Instead I decided I’d be a little more proactive, and one night when my husband came home I had a few things ready for him, which took him a little  by surprise.

I arrived home after work a little before him, and ran a hot bath, put out candles and a few other things, and poured some wine. By the time he arrived I think it looked more like I was having a spa day in my apartment. Scented candles, a bubble bath and wine in the bathroom – it was hardly the average evening.

“You must be celebrating something, Marina,” he said when he saw what I’d done.

“Not me,” I told him as he settled down in front of the television. I got him to his feet and said, “this is for you.  To help you relax.”

He was a little surprised but I led him to the bath room, undid the buttons on his shirt and told him to get undressed and jump in the bath. He didn’t argue as surprised as he was. Instead he just did as he was told, as he should do.  He settled into the bath, and I handed him a glass of chilled white wine. Then I left him alone. I think I may have put some music on the system, perhaps Clannad or Enya. Something like that. Not his usual BTO or ACDC.

I left him there, stewing in the bath for a while. Preparing a man is a little like cooking, isn’t it? A little preparation goes a long way.  It must have been twenty minutes before I came back into the bathroom, and handed him a fluffy pink robe I had bought that day. It was his size and he did look a little surprised.

When he came out of the bathroom in his new fluffy robe I was waiting for him in the bedroom. I sat him on the bed and to his surprise I started brushing his hair, and primping him a little. He was beginning to get the message now, but I told him to just shut up and go with it. I wish more men would learn to do that, I really do.

Within an hour I’d brushed his hair, given him a massage with some scented oils, shaved half his pubic hair and finally I handed him a little pink negligee.

I think that was the hardest thing for him. To actually put it on I could see the struggle on his face. It was almost as if there was something inside him arguing with himself. But once he succumbed I pushed him back on the bed and started to get him excited. It was very obvious to me that the longer he wore that little negligee the more comfortable he felt, so I stretched things out a little and made him go at the pace I wanted.

By the end of  the evening, when I’d already painted his toe nails, I could see he was loving it. All resistance was gone. And that’s how it was, once a week for the next ten years. Sadly my husband died in an industrial accident, and I really don’t think anyone ever knew about this side of our very exciting sex life and happy marriage but the two of us. I never told anyone while he was alive, but later I learned from Fiona that I was not the only one who does what I did. 

Since then I have had several long term relationships, and in each one I’ve done a little experimenting, depending on the person. My current partner is in chastity right now, and has been for the last three weeks. He looks very nice in a skirt and I have him dressed most evening by the time I come home. It’s a little different from what I experienced with my husband, but then people swing different ways, don’t they.

I have been surprised how easily I can bring this out in a man. I can also make them look very good when they’re dressed, which is something I enjoy. Not everyone of them has been ready to go out on the town with me, but that’s just fine. They feel wonderful, and they’re always grateful to me.

It’s a funny old world. I never would have expect this to be so much fun, and yet now it’s a part of my life I wouldn’t give up for anything


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