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13 Replies to “Access Premium Content”

  1. I have been dressing up for a long time.
    Going shopping and trying on women’s clothes gets me very excited.
    I struggle to get my makeup perfect.
    It feels good to have support from Fiona.

    1. Dear Katy. I am a 39 y old heterosexual crossdresser feeling your pain. I was married 12 years and she had no idea of me wearing her cloth every opportunity I had. When I came out, I had therapy for about 3 yesrs (diagnosed with Transvestic Fetichism for now) but it destroyed her and ultimately we divorced. I now have a girlfriend who know day 1 everything but I find myself still pushing boundaries. I had 1 or 2 gay experiences (and counting) and I might end up gay, bi, trans or just CD. Remember its all ok as long as you wanted.
      Please take time to think of you, your feeling and what you want and make room and time to go out and discover it, no one will know you better that your self.
      Only then, you will be in peace. I resemble and wish you to find the peace I am finding and still are.

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