Auntie knows best.

I’m so pleased you’ve joined me here. It’s so nice for me to see my lovely little sissies all coming along and doing as they’re told. As I said to young Gerald just the other day, if you behave you can wear the nice dresses out while I go shopping.

He get’s so excited. Especially when I go bra shopping, and I have him carry a nice little parcel of lingerie home with us, and then he helps me put on a lovely new brassiere. I have him fasten it, though I often pretend to slip and – well you can imagine how I spill out, can’t you!

Now, now. Let’s not have you thinking such very naughty thoughts. I have some lovely pages on here for you. Please take a look through, and maybe even buy a pair of the special panties I recommend here. And then, if you are a devoted follower – which is what I expect of you – I’d like you to join my Patreon. And for that you get my diary, and a lot more content from Fiona. I know how much you love the idea of playing with me – so go ahead and become a Patron to express your appreciation.

I expect my sissies to dress and behave nicely. You know what that means, don’t you? You will have to buy a nice sissy maids dress. You should do so soon, and when you’re in my Patreon I’d love it if you would post a few pictures. It gets me excited and you’d be surprised how it makes my nieces giggle to see all my lovely sissies showing off. They do so love it.

Now, in the meantime I have some wonderful things for you here. I’d like you to get to know me, after all we’re going to be spending some time together. If you like you can even imagine sitting on my lap.

You can learn about the school where I am a governor. I think you’d love St. Bernadette’s School For Gurls. Do you think you’d like a nice little school uniform? And would the prefects keep you suitably in line? I do hope so.

You can read about my Diary here, and don’t forget to check out some of the things I recommend to all my sissies. Now, are you ready to be one of my lovely nephews? Tell auntie what a good little gurl you can be! Join as a Good Gurl today for just $4.95 a month. People won’t know what’s got into you!

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