Clothes Maketh The Man – Part 43

I will admit that there are depths of depravity I am not proud of, I thought to myself as I prepared myself for the evening with Claude. We do push ourselves to extreme limits, do we not?

And in finding those limits it becomes easier to go further still. Following a civilised meal, in which conversation flowed easily, and meaninglessly, we enjoyed a liqueur and a coffee, in the European style. Claude talked politely, but behind each word was the certain message that this was merely a preamble to the true activities of the evening which would be taking place following desert.

And how very apt it was that the tiramisu should be drizzled with cream. I found myself excitedly thinking how nice it might be to bring Claude to completion over Veronica’s modest but obvious breasts. Yet it was to prove an evening of greater complexity than merely a dinner, desert and swift release to round off the evening.

I found myself excited by the prospect of the evening, and as I stole glances at Veronica. She was the ideal attentive girlfriend. And yet here we were, the two of us, fawning over this slightly overweight middle aged Frenchman.

I wouldn’t say Clause was unpleasant. He had an air of privilege that led me to believe that, regardless of what I might have to say in the matter he would be taking me tonight. It was a sense of unashamed entitlement. And Veronica just played along with it.

After the meal, we made small talk for an awkward few minutes and then Clause got to his feet and went into the bathroom, started to fill an enormous jacuzzi and then came out, and suggested Veronica and I enjoy a relaxing soak.

I smiled awkwardly and shifted in my black dress. I could feel myself excited and the restraining nature of the chastity device seemingly contracted as my body began to respond to the situation. Would he remove it?

Veronica took the lead, knowing I was a little out of my depth, and took my hand and lead me into the bathroom.

As I began to undress Veronica stopped me, and suggested I go outside and ask Claude to help me out of the dress.

“It’ll get him excited,” she said, and I moment later I did as I was told.

I felt his strong hand fidget with the zip on the back of the dress, and with a shrug it fell away, revealing my panties, suspender belt, corset and stockings. I folded forward at the waist and picked up the dress from the floor.

I turned and as I did so I saw the look on Claude’s face. He was quite transformed. His stare had shifted and now he looked absolutely wolf like, wanting what he saw. I had the sense he wanted to devour me, but it was more than that. He wanted not only to take me, but he wanted me to witness it. He wanted me to give myself, in the knowledge that I had no choice.

The look frightened me a little, and I smiled nervously in an effort to hide my discomfort.

“You’re so strong looking Claude,” I said trying to divert him from the sense of growing unease I felt.

As I thought about it I realised that in most of the other situations I’d found myself, I had been taken against my will. I had not had the benefit of making a choice, and in some way this had made me more distant from who ever I was with. It absolved me of responsibility. And yet, here I was now, looking at this man and knowing I would give myself willingly to him.

While not bound or forced, I could not refuse him. I did not wish to.

The realisation made me catch my breath, and my eye fell to the belt buckle Claude was undoing. His eyes remained on me, as his trousers fell to the floor. At that moment Veronica emerged from the bathroom, wearing an emerald green bra and pantie set, and her heels.

“Andrea, won’t you join me in here?” She stretch out her hand toward me. I took it and she gracefully turned and drew me to her. I felt her lips brush mine, and then she guided me to the bathroom.

Claude followed and watched as Veronica removed the corset, loosening the silk ties. Then she unhooked the suspenders, and sensually removed the stockings, all the while being sure Claude could see us both.

“Oh Claude, look, Andrea has one of these silly chastity thingees, just like mine,” she said as she pulled my panties down.

Claude watched, entranced, and I took pleasure from his fascination. I stepped into the Jacuzzi, and Claude handed me another glass of Champaign. Veronica, slipped out of her underwear and joined me, as Claude undressed.

All this time I was consumed with one thought.

“I hope I don’t disappoint Devina. If I do this well, perhaps she’ll think better of me. Yes, she must think well of me. That’s the most important thing tonight. Devina must be pleased.”


The events of that evening were enjoyable, but frankly quite vanilla after some of the things I’d been exposed to over the previous few months. Mind you, being raped by a roving gang of flying monkeys would be vanilla compared to most of what I’d been exposed to.

When Claude timidly pressed himself into me I welcomed it. I had after all done much more than he could ever know. His penetration was hardly arduous. Far from it. It was enjoyable in the same way as a good cup of coffee. Pleasant, something I could appreciate, but hardly something that would change the world.

I enjoyed seeing how Veronica played with him, though she did steer him and guide him into me, rather than taking the lead. She was there to help Claude use me – something I felt no awkwardness about.

As he worked at me I kissed him, willingly, and my head span thinking that I was doing this. It wasn’t fear, it was something different. It was a sense that I really was becoming both desired and desirable – and I was aware I had no problem with that. How very much I had changed. It was that fact that was disturbing. Regardless of the situation, it was my transformation into this person who wanted to be violated, welcomed it, and accepted it. That was where my discomfort lay.

Recalling it later I decided this was Devina’s doing. Of course I was falling in love with her, I couldn’t help myself. She was masterful at manipulating me, turning me into the whore that was buried deep within me – perhaps buried deep within us all. And she had that special ability to draw it out and nurture it. To water it and let it grow like some evil weed.

As Veronica drove me home later, I asked how she thought it went.

“Oh, you were very good. Claude was fast asleep by the time we left. And that’s a good sign. He was satisfied.”

“I’m glad he was,” I quipped. “Do we ever get to come? Do we get our release?”

“Oh, so Devina hasn’t told you about that, then?” she replied.

“I don’t think so,” I said uncertainly.

“I’m sure she will, when she’s ready,” she said.

Before I could say anything Veronica pulled up outside my apartment building and drew an envelope from her handbag and handed it to me.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“Devina asked me to give it to you.”

Veronica leaned over and opened the door. I took the hint and stepped out, saying goodbye as she pulled the door closed and swiftly pulled away. I think I felt a little abandoned, standing on the sidewalk. A kiss goodnight might have been nice.

I entered the building and stepping into the elevator opened the envelope. There was $1500 in cash in it and a note from Devina, simply saying “call me in the morning.”

By the time I walked into my apartment and turned on the shower I felt excited at the thought that Devina wanted me to call. Perhaps I would see her tomorrow.

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