Clothes Maketh The Man – Part 47.

I drove home slowly after it was all done. I’d witnessed something that had shown me how far I had come and how much I had changed.

I caught sight of myself in the reflections of the traffic as I drove home. A face, quite clearly female, reflected in a shop window. Time seemed to almost stand still as I looked at myself. Could this person really be me?

Then, thinking back to the emptiness of my existence before I’d really grasped who I really am I almost caught my breath.

“I know who the face in the reflection is,” I said to myself. “But I don’t know who that other guy was.”

I could see how my life before had been little more than a script acted out, but not with passion. It was a process of pretending I was someone different until I very nearly believed it myself. And all for what? Acceptance in society?

I seemed to feel a euphoric lift realising how lucky I was to be able to so easily slide into this newly birthed person. One who had always been there but had been forced to hide in the shadows of my mind. No wonder I’d always felt such shame around my feminine self. I’d trained myself to feel ashamed, and I’d done so very thoroughly.

As I pulled into he parking area of my building and brought the car to a halt, I stopped and took a moment to breath calmly and think how lucky I really was. As I stepped from the car I smoothed down the light summer dress, and put my shoulders back and held my chin high.

Whatever else had happened today, at least one thing was assured. At last I really knew who I was.


The following day, after taking care of a few things for Steve at the agency I received a text from Devina. My heart leapt as I saw her name on my phone, and hurriedly read the text. It was another appointment, but this time she’d said it was for early afternoon that day. I confirmed that I’d be there and prepared with a sense of excitement and headed down to the address, which was the office building in which I’d been at the reception a few days previously.

I arrived at the location where Devina met me at the door and hurried me through to a changing room. She was clearly busy and seemed preoccupied. I knew this wasn’t the moment to talk with her, as much as I longed to. Even in this distracted state she looked strong and desirable. She gave me a fleeting smile and talked as I placed my bag on the table and brushed my hair in the mirror.

“I’ve something special for you today. A couple of friends, just visiting for a short stay, and wanting a little entertainment. Melissa and Alice. They’re sweet. They’re in the room two doors down. Go and say hello when you’re ready.”

I was about to reply something about being more than just entertainment, but Devina had hurried off and the door had already closed behind her. Evidently she was in a busy. I slid off the skirt and blouse I’d been wearing revealing a purple bra and pantie set, and some stockings.

I checked myself in the mirror once more and then took a little mesh dress that was almost less than nothing from my bag and slipped it on. There was so little to it that my cage, securely restraining my cock, was clearly visible through the fabric and the panties. This dress was not exactly meant to be modest. Far from it. It clung to my body and provided a slight sheen over my skin. As I looked at my reflection I was suddenly aware how my chest seemed a little more full than it had last time I looked. I seemed to have a little more of a waistline too. Perhaps my diet really was helping.

I slipped on the heels, checked myself in the mirror and decided to go and meet Devina’s two friends. Perhaps I’d get the chance to talk with her afterwards.

I found the room and knocked on the door which opened immediately. A tall blonde woman with a tattoo on her chest opened the door. My first impression was that she was muscular with not a hint of extra weight. I opened my mouth to introduce myself, but she’d already reached out and taken a handful of my hair in her small fist and was pulling me into the room.

She was smiling at her friend as she forced my head down until I was kneeling in front of her.

“Look what Devina has brought us,” she laughed. “It’s even got a cage!”

Her friend across the room, who I’d only got the most fleeting glimpse of, was watching dispassionately. A dark woman, looking distinctly unimpressed. I tried to say something, but was told to shut up by the blonde and given a sharp slap on my cheek.

“Chain it,” said the dark woman. “It doesn’t know it’s supposed to be chained.”

I didn’t much like all this third person talk. I had a name and I was a person, after all. The woman before me pulled my head back, and drew out a collar from her belt. She wore a black bodice which wrapped her hard body in a menacing manner, and superiority seemed to drip from her.

“Alice,” said her dark friend impatiently, “put the chain on it, and bring it here.”

The blonde woman took a dog leash from the couch where her friend sat watching. As she secured the leash to my collar she didn’t meet my eyes. She focused on securing the clip to the collar and then dragged on it until I followed on all fours to where I was positioned keeling infront of the dusky woman. She stared down at me, from behind her warm dark breasts and muscular torso,

“Now, let’s see how well it’s trained,” she murmured and I felt Alice’s hand move to the back of my head. Then the dark woman opened her legs.

‘You know what to do,” she said with an air of menace.

I opened my mouth to say something, but before the words came out the dark woman slapped me hard. It hurt like the blazes, and then I felt the pressure of Alice’s hand on the back of my head increase, until my face was pushed firmly into my antagonists groin.

I felt the dark woman’s fingers push down to where my mouth was against her warm body, and then the fabric of her panties was pulled aside. Alice held my head in position. That was when the first stinging blow on my back sent a blinding flash of pain through my mind.

I heard Alice laugh and then say, “I don’t think it knows what to do, Melissa. Shall I get the shocker?”

I hurriedly opened my mouth and began to press myself to the hot flesh before me.

“No,” said Melissa. “I think it’s got the idea, now.”

After several minutes I was pulled away, Melissa flushed and evidently amused by my efforts.

“Get it the hood,” she then said. “And stop it’s ears.”

She handed Alice a headset which she put over my ears. The next thing I knew a hood was being pulled over my face.


At length the Mellissa and Alice left the room, having satisfied themselves. I had endured their humiliating performance and satisfied the demands they’d placed on me. Even their parting comment, “Let it wait here,” had reflected their complete absence of interest in me in any way but as a tool for their amusement.

As I’d expected the cage had stayed on throughout. At one point Alice had made me wear a strap on to satisfy her desire, but certainly no pleasure had been afforded me. I was their merely to serve. I think I’d known that from the start and so I was not surprised. At length I decided I should return to where I’d changed.

I’d I waited for a few minutes once dressed, but it seemed I was the only person left in the building. I’d not had the run of the place before, and as I brushed my hair and arranged my skirt nicely, I decided to tak a quick look around. No one was about, and it didn’t seem that anyone would notice.

I stepped out into the corridor, realising that I’d never been alone like this here before, and started trying some of the doors as I progressed down the hallway. Several were locked, and a third opened onto what was clearly a small administration office. But it was the fourth door that yielded unexpected results. As I pushed it open I realised I was in some sort of security office, facing a wall of monitors showing a few rooms I recoginsed and many I didn’t. There was no one on any of them but for the computer screen and a video in the process of playing on the desk. As I watched I realised it was myself I was observing.

It was a high definition recording of my afternoon with Melissa and Alice.


I closed the door quietly and looked at the banks of screens. There on the centre screen was a recording playing, and I immediately recognised myself, in the room I’d just left. Only, in this recording I could plainly see Devina in the room, and another person I’d never met before.

I took in the scene, my mind trying to make it fit together. As I’d served the two women in the room I’d not thought for a moment I was observed, and furthest from my mid was the thought that Devina might be watching, weighing me up in this calculated way. It struggled to make sense of it, and yet here it was on the screen before me.

Both Devina and this other individual seemed to be observing, almost as though they were evaluating me. All that I’d done, I’d thought between myself and the two women in the room. Throughout I’d been observed, by the camera that had filmed the situation, and by Devina and this stranger who were in the room all along. This had clearly been some kind of test.

As I watched I could see the moment that the girls had left the room, leaving me to kneel waiting for them. Of course, I knew well enough not to just get up and leave. My role was to do exactly as I was told, and only that. In a strange way part of me was pleased to see how very compliant I was to those who had instructed me.

On the monitor Devina smiled, and walked across the room to where I was kneeling exactly as I’d been told to.

“She really is rather well trained, don’t you think?” She said to the latin looking gentleman.

“You say ‘she’,” he said with a look of skepticism. “I’ll give you, it does look feminine. And the look is pleasing,” he added thoughtfully.

He paused, and took a step back, scrutinizing me. As I watched on the screen I felt horrified. I’d known nothing of this. I had no clue that this was going on, the blindfold and the hood being so secured. No sound had penetrated the headset, and all this scrutiny had gone by unnoticed by me.

“But does it ‘think’ feminine?”

“Oh yes,” said Devina. “Did you review the tapes I sent you?”

“Yes, I did. It does look promising. I can see you’ve put it to good use.”

Devina laughed a little and said, “Did you notice the way the moment she see’s a cock her mouth immediately opens? She can’t help it. It’s a reflex action now. Totally embedded in Andrea’s subconscious. She’s going to be very useful.”

“Yes,” said the gentleman nodding in approval. “I think you’re right.”

With that he turned to face Devina and said, “Good. I think it’s ready to go on to the next stage of the training. A profitable project, I hope?”

“Oh yes,” said Devina. “Andrea’s already earned back our investment twice over. And she’s booked for the weekend in a little project that will be most rewarding.”

“I’m pleased to hear it. You will see that it’s suitably incentivized to stay with us, won’t you? After the amount of work we put into our gurls we can’t have them just wandering off, you know.”

The two of them started laughing at that, and left the room, While I remained still sitting there on my knees on the screen before me, oblivious to it all.

I watched the screen as Alice returned, undid the hood, removed the headset and then turned to Melissa who said, ‘Let it wait here.’

I would have had no clue of what had really transpired in that room had I not stumbled across this recording. And that left me wondering, what did this all mean for me. And what about Devina? What could I possibly think of her now?

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