Clothes Maketh The Man – Part 49

Confronted with the increasing awareness that what little was left of my masculine self was shrinking rapidly I resolved to confront a question that had been lingering in my mind. In the weeks I’d been under Devina’s exquisite but torturous tutelage I had not experienced a release of my own passions so much as once.

I had indeed been the object of others pleasure, generally on the receiving end of their desires, and far from objecting to that I found it remarkable how enjoyable I found it. And yet there was that undeniable need to feel my own release. I craved the powerful sense of completion that had been absent from so many of the encounters in which I’d been involved.

When, that warm morning, I saw it was Devina calling me I felt a rush of excitement. Would today be the day in which she would finally relent and respond to my obvious demonstrations of affection, perhaps that release could be arriving sooner than I’d hoped.

“Hello,” I answered trying not to sound overly eager.

“Oh, yes, Andrea. I trust you’re doing well?”

“Yes, Devina. I am,” I said trying to stifle my excitement at receiving her call.

“Good, good,” she responded absently. “I see you seem to be doing satisfactorily.  Claude certainly enjoyed you. He was most complimentary about Veronica and you.”

“He seemed nice,” I replied, and immediately bit my lip thinking I should be praising Devina rather than making small talk about someone who had used me as little more than his own personal sex slave.

“Well, I’m sure you’ll see more of him. Now,” she said sounding all business, “I see you asked Veronica about your own pleasure.”

Apparently everything I said to Veronica was passed back to Devina.

She continued, “I have the highest regard for all my gurls, and of course it’s important for you to experience sexual release. I know you’d agree that it would be completely inappropriate for you to have sex with a woman, however I do have an arrangement that will accommodate you.  There are a few conditions, of course.”

“Of course,” I responded, not thinking what I was saying. I was stunned that I was being so very compliant to Devina. How could I really think it ok that it was ‘inappropriate’ for me to have sex with a woman.

Devina carried on.

“You may meet with Veronica to take care of your needs. She will instruct you and you will do as she says. You make an interesting team. She’s really very good. I’ve only had to beat her once for your indiscretions, and for some reason she seems almost fond of you. So, I’ll have her call you and make arrangements.”

“Thank you, Devina,” I replied.

The phone went dead. Naturally I understood. A busy woman like Devina couldn’t possibly spend long on a call with me. That was completely reasonable. Perhaps soon we’d be able to spend some time together. I could only hope.


Veronica arrived promptly at three in the afternoon, as her text had said. I buzzed her into the apartment and she came up the elevator to where I was waiting and I showed her to my apartment.

I’d prepared a cool glass of wine, put out a few flowers and laid a variety of canapes out to snack on should she feel the need.

I’d chosen to wear a tennis skirt, a pale blue teeshirt and trainers. I felt sporty and certainly looked it. A tiny amount of makeup, and a light lipstick completed the ensemble. In retrospect I suppose if this were the outfit in which I was hoping to stem the loss of my masculine self I was probably going to be disappointed.

An awkward moment followed. How was I to proceed? Fortunately Veronica came to my rescue.

“Devina likes things done a certain way,” she said, getting directly to the matter at hand. “Even how we indulge our own pleasure.”

“That seems very organised,” I said, my mouth voicing approval while my mind tried to hold a certain sense of independence. It failed.

“Yes, there’s certain guidelines to which you should adhere. For instance, because you’re moving toward a more feminine view of sex it is ridiculous to suppose any for of satisfaction should even be attempted unless you are penetrated. You should only ever engage in a sexual activity for your own enjoyment if you are plugged. The idea is that you understand how important being the recipient of sexual connection is, even if you are indulging your own desires.”

“Of course,” I found myself easily agreeing.

“She also want’s you to understand that simply wanting release is not enough.  You should hunger for it. Crave it.”

I’d gone weeks without any form of release, and this hardly seemed a point she needed to emphasise.

“Oh,” I said. “I crave.”

Veronica smiled and then said, “Not enough.”

“What do you mean,” I asked a little disappointed.

“You will learn to crave. Don’t worry about that. I’m not to explain that to you right now, after all, that would give you too much information. It’s better for you to not know what is ahead. It will magnify your desire. You do want that, don’t you?”

“I, yes. I do want that.” I found my voice hesitating. My cock was straining within the cage. “I will do whatever you suggest,” I responded. “Whatever Devina wants.”

Veronica smiled.

“Good. Because if you don’t it’s me she’ll take it out on.”

I remembered the harsh stipes I’d seen once before on Veronica’s back. I wouldn’t wish that on her.

“In that case, why don’t you go and have a quick shower. I’m going to take this wine and sit on your bed and wait for you.”


After my shower I walked into my bedroom to find Veronica seated on the bed. In her hand she held a small bottle of lube and a plug. It was larger than the previous one I’d used.

I looked at her, a little breathless, and said, “That’s a little larger than I’m used to.”

“Yes. That’s what Devina wants. Each time we do this you are expected to go up a notch. So, here’s your next ‘notch’.”

I leaned over the bed as Veronica applied a little lube and fitted the plug. Only then did she remove a key from her purse, daintily set aside on my bedside table.

“You have my key?” I gasped.

“Only for an hour. That’s one of the guidelines. If things go longer then it will be a longer time before your next release. It’s one of the guidelines.”

I sighed and watched as she took the key and released the lock. The sense of relief was extraordinary, but within moments I felt exposed, and vulnerable. Devina was of course right. It would have been foolish to think otherwise. She was right about most everything.

It was then that I saw a slightly different side of Veronica.  She pressed her hand against my shaved chest, the definition of which certainly had the appearance of breasts now, and pushed me back on the bed. As  I looked at her I couldn’t help but wonder why she still wore the cage, encased to the point of not being able to participate in this exercise the way I would myself. I wondered how it might feel to play with that tightly restrained package, but swiftly found my mind overwhelmed by the sensations of her touch. As I gazed at the perfect curve of her buttocks and the slim smoothness of her thighs my mouth watered. I moved closer to her and reached out to touch her cage, but she brushed my hand away.

“You are to be passive. After all, all gurls get to lie back and stare at the ceiling from time to time. We should get used to that too, Andrea.”

I listened and complied willingly as she reached down to my penis, swelling in it’s pursuit of freedom, and began to firmly massage it. As she lay beside me I drank in her beautiful form. Soft shoulders, her chin so delicate, and her slim waist.

I reached out and touched her face, before tenderly leaning forward ad kissing her. In that moment I felt great tenderness toward this person. I could feel her cage against my leg, but nothing took away from the gentle womanliness she exuded.

I kissed her again, and felt her responding. Her hand moving first over my chest, then to my neck and then holding. Squeezing. She was pushing my face from hers, still stimulating my dick, but now forcing my face from hers.

“No kissing,” she said, her breath heavy. “It’s the rule.”

I caught my breath, becoming increasingly aroused. My eyes roved over her body, drinking her in, looking for some sign of reciprocity.

As she massaged me I felt my heartrate begin to rush headlong forward, just as her hand closed on my throat and squeezed.

I tried to say something as I felt a growing euphoric sensation, at which Veronica abruptly stopped.

I panted, my breathing now coming easily.

“What’s wrong,” I asked, somewhat incredulous.

“Nothing,” she replied and gently circled the head of my penis with a finger. “Nothing at all.”

My heart was pounding and I reached for her wrist, wanting her to continue.

“No,” she said brushing away my hand. “Not yet.”

A few moments later she once again began to massage me, stimulating each and every sensitive nerve in my organ. It was excruciating. Not quite pain, but yet not pleasure either.

She continued more urgently now. Once more my breath quickened and I felt myself being drawn closer and closer to the precipice of completion. As I felt my body about to convulse again she abruptly stopped.

“What are you doing” I moaned. “Don’t stop.”

“Oh, Andrea. You have so much to learn,” replied Veronica patiently. “You really didn’t think I was going to let you come, did you? That won’t be happening for a while yet.  Now, relax. After all, You’re going to be at this for at least another hour.”

I groaned, my body crying out for the cascading relief of completion.

“No, Devina is quite insistent about this sort of thing,” said Veronica. “You’re not to have an orgasm for some weeks yet.  But I am always happy to give you as much as she does allow.”

As Veronica reached over to the bedside table where the chastity device rested on a service she added, “Devina’s guidelines can be really quite entertaining.”

Then with a smile she replaced device and the lock snapped closed.

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