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I know you are as excited as I am about crossdressing. Today you are taking a major step forward, starting on a more discplined and planned journey of exploration into this activity, and I’m right here to help you. Have a listen and learn a little about the exciting world of crossdressing. You’re going to wonder why you never got into before.
tumblr_o3tst1z6vw1uxh3kao1_500I want you to try this starter kit, regardless of whether or not you sign up for the more extensive Free Program. Ultimately you may even go on to the Premium Program, which is where my most committed members get to enjoy a range of tasks, activities and hypnosis recordings that in many cases they say have changed their lives.
The most important thing is to learn to enjoy your dressing and get the most you can from it, in positive ways. Remember, this is something you can have a lot of fun with. I’m here to help you with that.
Starter Kit Task – have a listen!

Starter Kit Hypnosis:

How my program works:
So, here’s how it all works. In the Premium Program you will be set a number of tasks. They start quite simply and gently. Some you have probably already completed, though we’d like you to step through them anyway. We like you to follow our lead here, as we have a well developed system and it will help you on your journey into crossdressing. There is enough leeway for you to adapt the tasks to your own situation, and in working through each task in order you develop the rather unusual set of skills you will need to fully enjoy the experience of crossdressing.
We both know the excitement you enjoy pulling on a pair of nylons or slipping into panties. You possibly also realise that this is really just the start or a greater journey. To get the very most out of it you need gentle guidance. As you progress you will develop further confidence and feel more invested. You will find yourself easily able to slip into a more feminine persona when you wish to, or to maintain the conventional lifestyle of a man if you so wish.
One of the great freedoms associated with the exploration of crossdressing is the heightened sexual intensity you can experience. This is both wonderful, and dangerous if not managed with care and sensitivity. I am here to help you with this and allow you to experience the elevated excitement of connecting in the femme form, as well as managing your life in a fully functional and discrete manner.
For a new crossdresser this can seem very exciting, but also surrounded with some feelings of embarrassment and shame. Don’t worry. We can release those feelings and allow you to immerse yourself in the joys of embracing your femme self.
If you’d like to participate just use the form below and you will start out in my free program. You can always upgrade from there in your own time, if you feel like it.

Sign up and enjoy the free program using the form below. When it comes time to upgrade to the premium program, at just $10 a month you can do so here. Don’t worry, you will not be charged anything for the free program. You only pay something if you choose to sign up for the Premium Program.

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