Feminize Your Man – Premium Program.

Imagine, a program that will help you feminize your partner as far, or as little, as you choose. Yes, you are the one in control.

Are you ready to set her free?

Many men wish to be feminized and want to enjoy gender play, though they are afraid to ask for it. Don’t you find it amusing how so many people have clear ideas that they fantasize about, but find almost impossible to talk about?

This program is specifically created for the woman who knows their partner wants to dress, but is afraid to ask for it. In a series of weekly steps you are lead through proven steps that take him ever closer to accepting the feminine side of himself. You’re getting the template that’s worked for many people, that takes them closer gradually and helps you retain control every step of the way.

Your weekly instructions will subtly influence your partner and give them the permission they so badly need to become more sensitive, more feminine and ultimately more submissive to your leadership. Even if you’ve never before guided a partner in this way, you’re going to love the unhurried pace at which you find you’re empowered and gradually assume control of ‘her’ feminization.

You pay just $4.99 a month, for which you get the guided steps that will influence your partner, as well as my general emails. You’re always welcome to reach out to me and ask for further guidance.

Before long he’s going to start to enjoy a more feminine side of himself – always under your guidance, of course.

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