Danica is playful, and has a refeshingly comfortable acceptance of her love of all that is feminine. In a delightful discussion about her experience below, she tells of her journey.

I’m a very casual crossdresser at the moment.  Looking for ways to become more frequent about it but generally other aspects of my life get in the way like work and “guy stuff”.

My interest in crossdressing started at an early age and somewhat strangely.  I was fortunate enough to grow up in the 1980’s where rock ruled the airwaves and women wore incredibly hot fitness outfits.  I remember seeing these outfits on television and became fascinated with them.  Sure, I was a boy at the time but I wanted to wear those leotards and tights; I was just mesmerized by them.

Well, I was mesmerized by the women but I knew deep down I had to try those outfits for myself.  To this day spandex, leotards, tights etc… are my favorite outfits to wear although I can’t pull it off as well as I used to.  I also love wearing bikini’s and other types of swimwear and lingerie.

I’m a pretty strong guy, and could be considered “type A” (at least by people who know me) but I never developed the bulging muscles to go with the stubborn personality.  The slender body allows me to be feminized more easily and I take advantage of it.  I think it’s an incredible fetish / taboo feeling to dress, and look like a person of the opposite sex.  It’s especially fun knowing that nobody would ever guess I enjoy this hobby.  I’ve shown my normal and dressed pictures to trusted friends and they have told me they wouldn’t know I was the same person if they saw the two people at random.  I like being a guy and have no aspirations at all to become a full-time woman but I get a real thrill out of dressing the part for fun sometimes.  It’s fun to explore feminization training but also know that I can keep that part of my life separate from my professional side.

Women can dress in masculine clothes all the time and no one ever blinks an eye.  But our society has such a chip on it’s shoulder about a man dressing in a feminine way that it just adds to the excitement of doing something that most people think is weird.  Well, I can tell you there are a heck of a lot of things that I could be doing that are way worse than crossdressing.  Society really needs to put things in perspective.

It’s also fun to take pictures.  I’ve been into photography for a long time and love posing for the camera in a sexy outfit.  I usually take tons of pictures to get one or two that turn out really nicely and then I tune them up in Photoshop.  I wish I had more time for this as I can easily spend hours during a session.

I guess I could say crossdressing is a fun hobby that is also a great stress reliever.



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  1. I think you are Very Pretty and passable. I also started dressing early, 12yr. I liked women’s clothes better than guys, they were so much sexier and fun. My mom said I would make a pretty girl, my dad flipped out so I kept my secret all my life. I purged many times, now I have just accepted myself as who I really am, I have always had breasts and over the years they have gotten bigger. Now I wear them proudly and men seem to like them too! Thanks Fiona for sharing your story and pictures.

  2. I do agree about the fact it’s such a wonderful hobby. For my side, my wife is not aware at all of my femme side. She didn’t even notice i was actually progressively shaving myself… Anyway, you look gorgeous…
    It’s all about attitude and being yourself isn’t it? I have also my life as “guy stuff” and i can’t forecast now if i’ll be someday able to be 100% of the time totally feminized. Though i enjoy reading your words and the other interviews. I feel less alone, more normal, even if i am a willing person with a strong character and totally decided to be such a sexy lady, it’s great to have opportunity to share and see that we’re not alone, and that it’s not only fun but so much arousing to let our inner femme bloom 🙂

  3. Hi there, Danica! I really enjoyed reading about your journey. It is particularly interesting to me as I got started in exactly the same way! Leotards and tights! Then ballet, modern dance, eventually pantyhose and lipstick! 🙂 I still love leotards and tights and have a very extensive collection among my girl clothes.

    Wishing you well in all things!


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