I was delighted recently to interview Michelle. Her pictures speak for themselves, but her story is a very interesting one too!

Fiona: When did you start crossdressing?

MichelleMichelle: I didn’t start seriously crossdressing until about 4 years ago, post-divorce, when I had a lot more unaccompanied time to experiment, shave, wax and do the things a gurl needs to do other than just throw on some sexy clothes.  I had tried on some things as a kid and during my first marriage but it was difficult to do much more than that plus the women’s clothes that I borrowed were usually way too small for me, lol. Although I started late, I really threw myself into it and built quite the wardrobe and shoe closet in a short amount of time. ?

Fiona: Was there a special moment when you realised it made you happy?

Michelle: I guess I always knew since puberty that there was an attraction to Michelle2crossdressing for me although I didn’t pursue it until much later.  I guess that “special moment” was when I got brave enough to post an ad on Craigslist and started getting some extremely flattering and suggestive responses from guys you’d assume could have great success with women.  I guess it was the experience of feeling the power of femininity over men that attractive and sexy women have enjoyed for eternity.

Fiona: Have you made friends and had interesting experiences?

Michelle: I’m very fortunate to have a very supporting and sexy wife who loves playing with me as Michelle and taking the dominant role.  We’ve made a couple of friends recently, one a crossdresser and one a “regular guy” through our explorations.  Probably the most interesting experience was when the guy invited us to play in a Dungeon near LAX with his Mistress and him.  Although I was extremely nervous being the only true sub in the room it was an amazing experience being at the mercy of all 3 while restrained in various pieces of BDSM furniture.  We returned a couple of months ago and it was even better.

Fiona: How has it impacted your life outside of crossdressing?

Michelle: Well, it has certainly given me a lot of insight into women and all the effort they put in to perfecting their look and how they use it to attract guys.  I haven’t yet gone out in public although my wife and I are planning a visit to a CD friendly bar soon with the CD we met.  I mostly keep this side of my life private and under wraps given the current family and work situations but it does lie just below the surface at all times.  I almost always wear panties and a camisole instead of briefs and a t shirt under my work clothes and my toenails are almost always painted.

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Keep up the Fantastic Work !!


Michelle ~.~

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  1. Hi Michelle, Your story has inspired me to start what I should have done many years ago. I have always worn women clothes off an on under my regular clothes an in the bedroom I totally dress as a woman. As I was getting to the end of your story I felt this calmness come over me and I sat back and I knew that it is time for me to become the Gurl I always want to be. I just want to thank you for your inspiration . I am very happy for you Michelle take care sweetie and have a beautiful life.

  2. I hope to be there soon. I crossdress as much as I can. when I travel I take lots of clothes and like to go shopping dressed as a C/D. there is something that’s feels so good when I am a girl!!!

  3. Such an inspiration for sure <3
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    More intimate question : how did it go into your BDSM experience and submission to three persons? I'd love to know more :)))


  4. am extremely shy-especially because of my circumstances, i.e. my SISTER completely controls me & keeps me locked in chastity permanently – but would love to have your courage and forwardness Michelle. i think you are beautiful , i envy you!
    Hugs n Kisses, sissy-slut-julie at sissy-slut-worthlesspig-julie@sissify.com this is the email address my SISTER(Juliette) made me subscribe to/make-up SHE says it pleases HER greatly to have this TOTAL CONTROL over EVERYHING about me

  5. Michelle,
    Thank you for the inspiring words. I dress under my office clothes, I am always in panties and stockings and I wear my push-up bra under my shirt and I usually have women’s oxfords on, and I am fully dressed when I get home, and when I sleep. I can’t come out completely as I still have a full beard for the children’s sake, but I am wanting to. Again, many thanks.

    Dennis, maybe sooner than later, Denise

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