The Sweet Stench Of Revenge – Part 1.

Before we go any further I would like to tell you a little about me. I grew up in a small mid west town and went to school there. I liked it, but there was one incident when I was thirteen that I won’t be forgetting in a hurry. Being quite slim, and small framed, I was bullied and teased a lot. Some of the boys could be quite cruel, and one in particular, Dillon McKlusky, took it upon himself to make me the class scapegoat. One day, after gym class, I was in the changing room, and following my shower I found someone had taken some of my clothes, including my underpants.

The boys teased me as I looked for my things, and eventually one threw a pair of pink panties at me and told me to put them on.  This was Dillon’s cue to humiliate and tease me. He made me wear them, and told all the girls. I cannot tell you the depth of humiliation I felt. That night I ran home in tears and felt I wanted nothing more than to die.

I moved away shortly after that, as my mother got a job in the centre of Seattle, working for Boeing. When my sister and I left the school I thought I’d never see Dillon McKlusky again. I was very happy about that.

As the years went by I became more comfortable with ideas about my fluid gender. Gradually I embraced a transgender lifestyle and even began living as a young woman after college. I even had a little work done on my boobs. I was finally comfortable and happy in my body, while remaining a functional male. One might say it was the best of both worlds.

Eventually I did Fiona’s program. That was the real eye opener and finally I felt complete. Having dressed full time as a female since I was 22, I find no one suspects anything now. Being bisexual I have no desire to transition completely. It’s not as difficult to find relationships as you might imagine. Most of my partners relish the fact that I bring a little something extra to the bedroom.

Anyway, at the end of summer last year I found myself in Chicago, applying for a job at a public relations company. I was ready for the interview, a nice charcoal grey pencil skirt and lemon blouse. Stockings, heels and a prim set of pearls. Very professional, all the way down to the Louis Vuitton patent leather clutch bag.

I showed up, and was showed in to the company boardroom. Now, you’ll like this, because perhaps you can imagine how I felt. The VP of marketing was set to interview me, and in he walked. I stood and took his outstretched hand, and looked into the smiling face of – you guessed it – Dillon McKlusky.

He had no idea. Not a clue. However, from the way his eyes dropped from my eyes to my cleavage, I knew I had his attention. And the reason I am telling you this? Well, I figured you’d like to know the story, and get to know how we girls have to get along.

Yes, I was offered the job. I did not take it. No, I thought it might be a lot more interesting to make Dillon squirm on a hook. That’s why I decided to give him something of a treat, as you’ll see.

Enjoy part 2 of The Sweet Stench Of Revenge. Continue reading HERE.

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