Mistress Meg’s Special Page.

I have to admit I do derive pleasure from some perverse things. Perhaps it’s watching the transformation of a strong man into a submissively little kitten – figuratively speaking – or watching the cascade of emotions as he slides ever deeper into a place he never imagined he could.

Yes, I like to find my friends limits, and then lead them past them. Perhaps you can imagine finding yourself in such a situation. Have you ever said, “No, I couldn’t possibly do that!” And then as you are teased and cajoled ever closer you find yourself exceeding limits you’d previously set for yourself.

Most ironic of all is that it’s precisely as you exceed those limits that you find new pleasures and new joys. I know it may not seem that way at first, but in time you will learn to love the places I take you. Resist all you like. When the ball gag is pushed into your mouth and the chastity device closed snuggly around you, I guarantee you’ll see things my way.

Take Stacey, for example. Young, pretty, naïve even. I’ve trained her now to humiliate and subjugate people three times her age. The sweet little thing. You can hear her here. She’s also on The Voices In Your Head. Oh yes, Little Stacey gets her slim little fingers into everything.

I’ve helped a lot of our Seahorse members. You don’t need to waste time searching for an online Mistress, when you have the opportunity to form a relationship with me here. You will be one of many – but each time you think of me you will feel that same unbridled desire. That same hunger, and I will satisfy you in ways others can’t.

And I will be keeping in touch with you via email constantly. You’re going to enjoy my attention.

For the price of a drink I will give you what you need every month. I will also play with you in my own way. Toying with your mind. You’re not afraid are you? Well, if you are ready for me build up your courage and step this way.

As you buy your girlfriend a drink, think how much you’d have enjoyed spending that money on my program for a month. Each drink you buy for someone else could be a month of my program. I’m sure you’ll swallow my offerings far more enthusiastically if you think of it like that.

Join me using the button below. You’ll have access to pages of content. As a Seahorse you will enjoy my content, that of Mistress Katia Thornwood, and occasional posts from my little helper, Stacy. We work together to bring help you modify your behaviour. Yes, we insist on discipline and devotion. But you want that, don’t you?

You can find a limited amount of my content free on the site here, but for the richer and more detailed content you’ll need to join me as a Seahorse.

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I’ve put together a few hypnosis exercises that my guests enjoy, and hope you’ll find time to start using them. Choose from the list below, and the one you’ve chosen every night before you go to sleep for one hour. I know you’re going to enjoy them.

  1. Cuckold Training.
  2. Denial.
  3. Voices In Your Head.