Mistress Meg’s Studio.

I know what you crave, and what you are a slave to. And I will use it to torment you mercilessly. MM

Imagine a room in which all your most precious dreams coalesce and come true. Now, isn’t that delightful? Well, now think of a room in which the things you fear, and sexual torments that both scare and intrigue you are able to suddenly be made real. Do you realy think you could resist that?

For some that ultimate fantasy is to be forced to dress. For others it’s to watch their own wives be taken, over and over again, tormented by the fact that their loving little wife, so demure and quiet, finds the insistent cock of a series of lovers something she simply cannot draw herself away from and thinks of every moment of the day. And for yet another it is the desire to be enslaved to women, or men, and made to serve.

Regardless of the particular nature of that fear, I will uncover it. I will play with you, and tease you and observe your reaction to little suggestions. And before long I will know what it is that is going to provide just right right combination of excitement, titillation, humiliation and degradation to be what you need in my studio. I won’t say you’ll enjoy it. Only that you will be unable to resist it, and you’ll return to it as surely as a baby returns to the breast.

Imagine my breast, my nipple hard, a little milk dripping from it. And you before me, desperately thirsty. And yet I am just an inch or so beyond your reach. Your lips are so dry, and my breast so fulsome. And to make it so much more fun, I am laughing at you as I sip a cool glass of wine, beads of condensation misting the glass.

I think you will learn to serve. But on your journey I will play with you mercilessly. I will create fantasies, and you will recoil. At first. And then your curiosity will take over. And ultimately I will force you to test your boundaries.

And you will sob your tears of thanks.

Mistress Meg

  1. Cuckold Training.
  2. Denial.
  3. Voices In Your Head.

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