The Stories Your Mother Never Told You – Part 14.

Mandy’s words were still in my ears, and the scent of her still on my fingers as I returned home that afternoon.

“I’ve never done this before,” she had moaned as her passion had overwhelmed her. You’d never think it, I thought. Her hips had been grinding into my hand, and my fingers slipped deeper into her well lubricated body. Her hand grasping my wrist, urging me deeper into her told a rather different story. If this was the pent up desire of a young woman whose husband had been so remiss in satisfying her needs, think what I could do with her once her real appetites were kindled into a flame.

I ran my fingers under my nose and breathed in the heady aroma. I small lick and I could feel myself responding.

Several minutes after I pulled into the driveway little Billy came up the driveway with Beverley who had been babysitting him up the road.

“Mommy, Beverly showed me her toys and everything,” said Billy.

“Thank you, Beverly,” I said, and saw her smile beneath her freshly trimmed bangs. ‘Same time tomorrow, please,” I added.

As she walked back up the road I looked at her trim young body. Seventeen and as sweet as a button. What a good girl she was.

“Come along, Billy.  It’s time for our dinner. Daddy will be home soon.”


By the time Bill returned from the office I had Billy’s dinner was on the table and I’d poured Bill a beer. I took his jacket from him as he walked in, and then leaned into him as I kissed him. 

I could feel he was tired as he sat down on the porch, beer in hand. The evening sun was beginning to sink, and I walked into the garden, cut two or three of the lovely roses that have been growing this year, then returned to Bill, and held them out to him.

“Bill, smell these delightful roses,” I said, holding them out toward him in my right hand, which was still radiant with the smell of Mandy.

He bent over a little and smelled the proffered cuttings, unknowingly drawing the musky aroma of Mandy into his unsuspecting awareness.

“Oh, darling, aren’t they delightful. They are beautiful.”

“Oh yes,” I replied gently. “Almost girly, don’t you think?”

“All flowers are girly,” he replied and sipped his beer.

I licked my fingers discretely, and was aware how turned on I felt. How very masculine of Bill to believe women were so delicate and helpless. How little he knew. If he had any inclining that his own boss would be visiting me tomorrow for his regular dose of dressing up, he would have been mortified.

With a self-satisfied air Bill said, “I have good news.  Mr. Williams came to me this afternoon and said he was sending me on a training course in Cincinnati next month. He said it’s to prepare me for my new position. A promotion.”

“Oh, that’s wonderful dear,” I said in feigned surprise. “You know how much they appreciate you down there. You know, he’s lucky to have you.”

In truth Mr. Williams and I had discussed Bills promotion last week, as he’d been dressing following a particularly rigorous session helping him understand the need use his tongue to good effect. With a rope firmly wrapped around his neck, as I knelt over him and told him to work harder and pulled him to my pussy, he had been most compliant.

“I do feel my talents are wasted here sometimes. Maybe I could do better for myself,” said Bill as he sipped his beer.

“I’ve no doubt you could,” I replied. “But for now I think we should keep things as they are, don’t you? Billy’s so happy at school, and I like living here.”

The carpet warehouse is the second largest employer in town, and I couldn’t see Bill moving on anytime soon. I do like to encourage him, though. Perhaps tomorrow I would be more generous for Mr. Williams. I felt I could use a good fucking.

But no. It was best to keep Mr. Williams hungry for it. Helping him dress, watching him being gurly, allowing him to see me, and then teasing him – and withdrawing. Keeping him on the brink of sexual explosion, that was the thing.

And then of course, on the rare occasions I allowed him to penetrate, telling him how disappointed I was by his efforts, as he licked the results of his passion from between my legs kept him always trying to be better. As he should. And all the while never letting on that his own discomfort did trigger my discretely enjoyed orgasm. He had no idea.

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