The Lovers – By Katia Thornwood. Part 2.

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Well settle down and I’ll tell you a little more about Fern, the poet Paulo’s airheaded girl. You’ll remember she had joined me to examine the contents of my lockbox.


A few minutes later, Fern was fastened into the silver framed girdle. My fingers danced lightly over her body as I fixed the device in place, until with a soft click, the latch was fastened around her pale white hips. As I looked at her I could not help but enjoy gazing at the soft dusty brown whisps of her pubic hair framing the hard edge of the chastity belt. She shook herself in it, amused by the tiny tinkle of the lock rattling, her soft breasts heaving above her cinch belt.

Her panties and skirt were draped over the arm of a chair. She stood there in her bare feet, unselfconscious. She accepted my guidance as one might accept advice from someone in the changing room at the gym. It all seemed very natural. Fitting the chastity belt had been easy and free of awkwardness. Much the same as showing someone how a piece of equipment worked in a rec centre.

What a lithe little body she had.  I indulged myself, imagining the shudder of an orgasm echoing through her.  Yes, she would indeed be a pleasant diversion at some point.  But not today.

“How is it?”  I asked gently. I may be the one with the power, but I wanted her to choose to comply. I would not drag her through this door; it was up to her to walk willingly through it.

“I’m surprised…  it’s more comfortable than I’d expected. Paulo often complains…” she laughed easily.

“Yes, I know. I probably hear more whining from him than I do from the old ceiling fan in the kitchen. Us women, of course, we know how to bear discomfort with grace, don’t we?” I looked at her eyes. Yes, I could see why Paulo liked this one.

“We do.” She smiled knowingly.

We glanced at each other for a few moments. I said nothing, allowing her mind to spin a little. Of course, she expected me to lead her – everyone does. But sometimes I like to see what my submissives have to say when I step back a little. She wasn’t my submissive yet. Nothing had been agreed upon, or signed. But still, I had a hunch that that may change. She shrank under my gaze, turning a deeper shade of crimson, making little sounds of unease.

She would willingly walk into the inescapable realm I would set up for her, but it would be when I was ready. To reel her in prematurely would deny her the urgency that true passion demands.

“So… uh. What should we do now?” She asked awkwardly.

“What would you like to do, Fern?” I replied softly. “Perhaps I could put on a cup of tea for us.”

“What about Paulo?” she asked, with the consideration and kindness of one destined to become the doormat in the relationship. Fern had neither the backbone nor understanding to appreciate the need to train Paulo. She may not thank me for it in the years ahead, but the scars I would impose on him would make him a better person eventually. It always amuses me that those who are destined to benefit from my tutelage may not even realise it at the time.

“Paulo can wait. Patience is a virtue he has yet to perfect,” I said quietly.

“I’m… a little hot.” Said Fern. “Could you turn on that fan?”

I mentioned, as I said before, that fan is in poor shape. All stuff and no substance. Much like Paulo. But perhaps, I mentioned, she might take off her clothes and try sitting on the red velvet chaise in the hallway. There was something so sensual, I informed her, about the feel of velvet against the skin. If she wanted the full effect of the sensuality of my accommodation, she absolutely had to try it. Just to experience the sensation, as my submissives did.

So she did as she was told. I helped her out of her belt and blouse, “accidentally” running a finger over one of her nipples. She glanced away nervously.

“Not so hot, it would seem.” I remarked.

Fern giggled as her blouse fell to the floor. I slid around her, hands on her ribcage, like a pole, to the back fastening of her bra. Why these three simple fastenings confound and fascinate males so much is a mystery to me. Gently I released all three, and her breasts spilled from the retreating fabric.

“You’ll wait here, my dear. Take a seat on the chaise. I’ll be back shortly,” and she settled down on the soft red velvet chaise. Her pale white skin looked quite the picture against that fabric, contrasted with the secure black leather straps of the chastity belt.

I clipped swiftly back down the hallway to the door of my dungeon to find, when I opened it, Paulo sitting like Rodin’s “The Thinker”, chin poised against his fist, seated glumly on the toilet chair. I closed the door before he looked up.

“AND WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?” I roared, scaring him to his feet, “DID I TELL YOU TO SIT?”

“No Mistress!” he replied, clearly caught off guard.

“That’s right. I did not. I think you are getting a little too comfortable in here. Perhaps that cage should stay on for another week,” I said looking at the steel bars that so efficiently constrained him.

“No Mistress. Please Mistress. I’ll do anything.”

I picked up a paddle from the wall, automatically prompting him to drop to his hands and knees before me. Placing a stiletto heel on his trembling back, I crouched and drew the paddle back for a resounding swing.

Before bringing it down upon his backside I checked myself. 

“Actually, Paolo,” I said quietly, “I think I shall get the hood.  It will improve your looks and make this m ore interesting.”

With that I turned and went to the draws and found the hood.

Yes, this would make it much more amusing.

Now if you’re enjoying this and have a chastity device I’d like you to secure it. I foyu do not have a device you can use the honor system, but I’d  prefer you were caged. Either way, let’s have no deviation from the purpose. You are to remain chaste while I tell this story.  I will be publishing the next part in three days.  Over the next few days you may wish to add some comments and tell me of your experience with this. If you are going to do so, please use the comments section below to do so. What good boys you are.


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