The Premium Program Tasks

You are going to love the tasks I’ve got lined up for you.  Once you’ve made your payment, you’ll be able to work through these tasks and develop your crossdressing skills.

Finding the gurl within starts in the head and then moves to the body. Until you start on that path you’re not really in the right space. As you begin to act and feel more feminine you will begin to look more feminine. Even without any hormone interventions, your body will respond as it is meant to. We do look at HRT, and phytoestrogen use in the Premium Program, but make no mistake – the aesthetic of the look of femininity follows the mindset, not the other way around.

The tasks include a blend of activities, exercises to develop the feminine side of your nature and hypnosis. There are educational aspects to them as well as information about the process of becoming more androgynous, and moving along the gender spectrum. These are all aspects of feminization that will appeal to those of us comfortable with a generally more feminine self, and also those of us that wish to move toward transition. I have endeavored to create something that will benefit everyone from the novice crossdresser to the person that wishes to go to full transition. It’s also been my intention to entertain and support my members, which I get great recognition from my members for achieving.

Ideally you’ll take the tasks slowly and really take your time. Completing the tasks is an important part of your training, and one that you should enjoy. Many of my members return to the tasks they enjoy, and some of them become a regular practice.

Using the tasks, and other Premium Content material you can enjoy a gradual move towards a more feminine version of yourself, in which you can feel confident and free of self judgement.

Have fun with them, and if you need help as you progress feel free to reach out and contact me on

After you have registered and paid you will be able to find the first task HERE