Wigs – the crossdressing accessory that changes everything.

crossdressing wig
A wig allows you to adopt a new personality. Put it on, and feel the change!

If you’ve read Clothes Maketh The Man, you’ll know that when Andy found he’d been dressed and prepared, it was the wig that was the most personality changing accessory. So it will be for you.

As you put on the wig and apply a little eye makeup you will rapidly discover that your self image changes. Wigs have a powerful psychological impact on the wearer. You’ll start to see a different person before you – and feel a different person within you.

Below is a selection of wonderful wigs that can be bought online and delivered to you in plain packaging. The wig selection below is designed to give you an entry into the world of hair.

Most are budget priced, and wigs can be very expensive, particularly when made of human hair. Before deciding on an expensive wig, try one or two more budget priced options. This will give you an idea of color, and length that will best suit you.


7 Replies to “Wigs – the crossdressing accessory that changes everything.”

      1. Since my last comment I have obtained 3 wish, a brown high quality that is short to the neck and covers the ears, an auburn bob style that comes kust a little past the shoulders and a long blond wave wig. Each one has their own personality giving me the look I desire in my lovely outfits. They have opened a whole new world for me and progressed my search of my feminine self. 🙂

  1. Oh yes a wig does make all the difference. I had several wigs in the distant past. I recently bought a new wig. It is a 23 inch golden brown to gold long wavy curly blond wig, feels like human hair. I love the feeling of it on my neck and shoulders and when I’m dressed up and my makeup is complete I feel and look so feminine, its hard to believe I gave it up for so many years. Now all I can think of is finding time to dress up when ever I can. I feel undressed at least not properly dressed in male clothing and feel disappointed in myself for not wearing my clothes and makeup when the opportunity arises, but I don’t think my wife would like my hobby. So I take every opportunity to dress when she’s not around, or I occasionally wear lingerie under my male clothing. I have been wearing lingerie for the last 5 months, except for panties which I’ve always worn and she is aware of it but she doesn’t know about the garter belt, nylons, or pantyhose, bra, camisole and nylon petty pants. Why she hasn’t figured it out I don’t understand. I must be good at concealing the clothes especially the bra with the pads and back band. I only wish I could wear a dress and my makeup and of course that special thing that makes every woman beautiful, her crowning glory, her hair. I see the young lady at the beginning of this article and think how pretty she is. She must feel that special feminine feeling of pretty. You can see the satisfaction of her femininity in her eyes. She inspires me to continue to pursue my own feminization. I look forward to feeling that same satisfaction as I did when I was young. I know it’s a matter of time before my wife discovers that I’m CD who enjoys being a woman. I guess I’ll deal with that later. I have used some of the techniques found in this blog and continue to work on her but she’s tough and goes through cycles similarly to a CD. I recently had to go out of town on family business by my self and I brought a black nylon full princess slip with pretty lace trim and a black satin waltz length nightgown. I wore them every night and felt absolutely thrilled, waking up regularly to feel the silky satin and it made me happy I felt so good. If this is femininity I want more! So I need to take more trips on my own I guess and bring my feminine attire, makeup and wig. Sounds like a good time. Don’t you think?

    1. Here’s a guilty admission, Johanna. I am sure you realise I love to ride motorcycles. Before I grew my hair long I would wear a long black wig under my helmet, some sunglasses and bright red lipstick. I got a lot of attention from other drivers. Misogynistic pigs! It was wonderful.

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