Thank you so much for looking in on my blog.  I know that you will have lots of fun with my program, as so many people have already done so.  If you enjoy the world of cross dressing I know you will love ‘Clothes Maketh The Man‘, a continuing story written in episodes that thrill my members.

The Premium Program is also great – and that has lots of MP3’s and tasks designed to condition you in a certain manner, to bring out your femme self. It does so carefully, and irresistibly. For anyone interested in feminization and the conditioning that goes along with it, this is a great exercise. Sign up here, or email me for details: fdobson@zoho.com

cd4My Little Black Book is for those CDs who would like to connect, chat or meet, and is open to members who complete the Premium program. You can search my friends by city, age or name and find friends who share your interests, and have committed to a shared level of discretion and respect. For just $24.95 you have access to some of the most interesting people you are ever likely to meet.

And of course, there’s always Playtime With Fiona. So, I offer you a tremendous opportunity to indulge this side of who you are in a safe and enjoyable manner, regardless of whether you dress alone, with a partner or even simply in the confines of your own fantasies. I know you will love what I do. Don’t worry, I will send you a formal introduction shortly.

I am always available to answer questions, offer guidance or simply chat if you feel like it. Obviously, I’d love you to sign up for my Premium service, however I also offer considerable amounts of material for the casual browser. Enjoy it.



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  1. so helpful and great taste looks elegant,i dated bi girl recently she liked role play and i had been forced to dress fem by bullies as youth as school boy after gym classes, i never told her about it ,i found with her in private and only us knowing it was fun, and rather enjoyed it but made out to her,i was not happy about it
    ,as at first memories came back from youth,then every xmas her and her girl friends
    would get me drunk before going out a pick out clothes outfits and dress me up do my makeup wig and all garments shoes and get me totally femine look smell tastes,and as i was bit tipsy with the drinks they brought and gave me,id go out in public with them to some wine bars and clubs,and after partys,andit was amazing being out and the feel of garments just walking or chatting at bars,id get lots of compliments and ocassional touches or my bum pinched drinks brought,and could fit in as fancy dress,the clubs where more intense ws worried at first but a few others in club where dressed same some amazing and a couple came to meet me and girls introduced us to some guys and gals ,as left by ex i got pested to dance and was very tipsy was fondled and giggled was really flirty feeling girly,but a bit nervious as girls had gone off,id always been straight but two guys one a little camp talking,kept buying drunks touching my leg,i really liked it a excited me the attention,he lent across as to speak into my ear a blew into it as if he knewit drives me crazy, as i turned head he kissed me on the lips and slid his hand up my leg ,i sat shocked and i dont know why but i looked licked my lips and was snogging him,next thing,andhad my hand on his trowsers i got really excited as he was horny i could feel his manhood ,i felt a bit pressured by him at first but the girls retuned,and all giggled egged me on to give the both handjobs and oral, like at school i waa flirty and randy so i did as asked,then the girls took me home ,my ex foundout and hit roof,made me stay dressed as girl over xmas and new year daily,and do house chores all week give her borther a gay guy oral and she used toys on me infront of him and the girlfriend she dates now,we have now split and glad as was really hurtful and sore ,but i cant stop dressing as house to self think ex and her girlfriends and brother pop round on purpose to leave things or return girl clothes or ask me to look after store them,and i have to dress for them still and play games,or they will show others how i live really,im moving to new town and flat soon but they dont know,i really want to try to be a girl live grow or develop breasts grow hair and i want men but only when im dressed as girl,after that night i knew schooldays was blessing and although i hated at first,i loved being caught and dressing dancing performing for them,i miust have turned gay and the girl ive hiddend or denied has finnally been set free i wanna be her feel her and although the toys my ex used hurt at first im getting used to using them and long to feel the real thing,but scared to not be a joke or fool pass live as her and be wanted as her lucy or ruby or judy,i just found your site and lots was how i feel and long to live love and be lol xxx plz message help i will join you soon but uk here not rich for ops or to travel far x


  3. I am a closet CD except to my wife . She is lets say tolerant of it. I am so dishearted that I couldn’t look more like a woman and feel accepted. I have female emmotions and am very kind, but my looks just make me want to cry. I am 6’4″ and 230 lbs Balding and am very clumsy . But I have a good heart and love enough for everyone. But I feel so empty inside until i behave in a more fem role and can feel like myself. Can anyone help this hurt and frustrated man with a woman inside screaming to get out? Sincerely Ron/Ronda

    1. Hi Ronda,
      Much of what I cover in the Premium Program helps resolve these feelings. In the meantime have a listen to this.

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