Fiona’s Shopping List

Fiona’s Shopping List

tumblr_o9a40kUvwr1sq920to1_500Here’s a short list of things you are going to use during my program, or generally, as a CD. These are not necessary from day 1, but as you go forward you are likely to pick up bits and pieces on this list.

They are explained more deeply in the Premium Program, but you’ll likely figure out why you need them as you go. Got any ideas of things to add to this list? Please add them in the comments below.

The idea is not for you to rush out and buy all these things at once. It’s more a case of pick them up if you see them on sale, or get the opportunity to acquire them now and then.

This might also be considered a ‘starter’ list. For many of us, the acquisition and creation of a look and a wardrobe is a big part of the fun of crossdressing. Enjoy putting these things together!

Make up



Matte Blush

Eyeliner pencil


Matt eye-shadow without shimmer (harder colors come later)

Brow pencil


Lip gloss

Lip liner

Make up remover and wipes





Garter belt



Sports bra

Leggings – Colorful


Body stocking

Body shapers (waist cincher, spanx shapewear etc)

Teddy or camisole

Pastel Tee Shirts

Mini skirt

Mini Dress

Summer sun dress




Eye lashes (self adhesive)



Ear rings (clip on)



Nail polish

Nail polish remover

Other products

Moisturizer and skin care


Cosmetic bag


Make up bag

Body scent and fragrances

Body lotion

Be sure to add to this list in the comments below.

7 Replies to “Fiona’s Shopping List”

    1. The New Me
      The prossis of becoming a passable woman letaloan a beautiful one is a very difficult and time consuming and expensive ! I have a new found respect for Women and everything they go through day in and day out ! You will never hear the words come out of my mouth ( Are you ready yet ) ! Take all the time you need ! I understand the concept of getting ready now ! Be true to yourself and be beautiful if that is what you fill like on the inside .

      1. I so think it’s great that your moving ahead in your life as well as finding the prowess of stepping out and being your beautiful self. As I’m in agreement with articles mentioned. Was going to add LBD to the list as can never go wrong. It’s a staple. Giggles.

        Take the time to look in the mirror and be your beautiful self

  1. Women work very hard everyday to earn the respect of men in a man’s world. This I’ve seen and known for almost my whole life. Often times they are taken for granted. But regardless, they try not to ever let them see them frown.

    Love the list, as well as have almost all on board. Being TS myself. As well as lived full-time for quite sometime. Often times think I’ve hit a bump in my road as need some form of a push of this step I’ve created somehow. Regardless, I love that you’ve taken the time to share with the world and given hope to others, so that they may venture out and feel good about who they are. Everyone needs this form of love in their lives.

    Thank-you for your compassion and your beautiful self

  2. Thank you for the list. I am new with the make up but I am ready to get started. This Friday I will be apart of your premium site. Can`t wait to started. I am so excited to get started.
    Thank You
    Michael but please call me Michelle

  3. You also need breast forms! All girls need a little help creating those wonderfully feminine breasts and this is the quickest way. Be sure to invest in good quality forms too, they are truly worth it!

    You also forgot to list perfume. That is one of those little extras that provides a constant reminder of how feminine you are!

    And high heels, flats, pumps, slingbacks, platforms, wedges, peep toes, …. (a girl can never have too many shoes!).


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