Clothes Maketh The Man – Part 59.

Part 59.  Find Part 1 here – Chapter list here –

I’ve never been afraid of hard physical labor. I like to work out in the gym, and of course I have always done yoga. Working up a bit of sweat and feeling it run between my breasts as I work on an elliptical is not something I am unfamiliar with.

Working in the stables was no hardship. 30 and I made a good team, and she had a little radio we could listen to as we worked.  The morning flew by. And by the time we broke for lunch I felt quite a glow from the exertion.

I’d found the regime at the house was falling into an interesting routine.  After our lunch, a light salad and a healthy fruit desert, we were ushered up to our rooms for an hour of rest. Those of us who would have evening duties would be more or less free in the afternoon, but in my case I would be assigned another work detail. Lighter in the afternoon.

To be fair this was a well thought out regime. After all, last night my evening duties had been quite rigorous, and I was looking forward to an early night. My tasks for the afternoon were to rearrange some of the books in the library, which Mrs. Gravely considered something of a pet project. I was considered lucky to be asked to work on the task of ordering her collection of interesting old books.

As I sorted the beautifully bound volumes into alphabetical order I could not help but notice the nature of the books was erotic, without exception. The collection was peppered with first editions and all were hardbacks mostly bound beautifully. The rare first edition of Tropic Of Cancer was in perfect condition, and I knew must be worth a pretty penny.

30 had been detailed to work on some duties that required her presence in the training paddock behind the house with two of the young mares. I could see her from the library window, which overlooked the beautiful grassland paddock. It was evident 30 was a capable horse woman.  Some of the equestrian competitions, which I was told were quite popular in the area were blissfully unaware that horses from the ranch were competed by riders with more than simply a lively mare between their legs.

From the window of Mrs. Gravely’s library I could clearly see 30 working with the two brown mares on lunge reins.  First she’d put one on the rein, and give it a light tap with a long whip and it would trot smartly round the paddock in a wide circle. The other mare would follow. All the while 30 would be murmuring commands, and both the horses would respond.  After about 5 minutes she’d switch the lunge rein to the other, and repeat the process.

Working the pair together like this would help them understand voice commands, and also coordinate. I could see 30’s muscular arms tanned beneath the sunshine, her tee shirt stretched tight over her breasts.  I could admire the physicality of the girl from this distance, but equally I was quite taken by surprise by the relationship she had with these two horses. They clearly had been well trained and I guessed that despite 30’s carnal physicality, there was depth and understanding to this girl that I’d not appreciate when my face was so deeply buried between her muscular buttocks. 

I murmured to myself, “I suppose it’s all a matter of perspective.”

A voice behind me startled me and said, “What’s that?”

I turned to see 22 standing in the doorway of the library.

“Oh, nothing. I just thought how it’s a nice view from here,” I replied and turned back to the books I was sorting on a table by the window.

“Yes,” said 22.  “We’re fortunate to be able to refine you here.”

I thought that an odd choice of words, but continued working with he books before me.

“Mrs. Gravely is going to be having some private guests shortly and she’s asked me to tell you to go up to the barn and have another go at a couple of the stables.  Be up there in ten minutes, if you don’t mind.”

With that 22 closed the door. Her voice was firm without being menacing. It was almost as though she knew I would comply. And after all, why wouldn’t I? I couldn’t bare the thought of poor Veronica being made to suffer for any transgression I might be foolish enough to make. Aside from that, as odd as it might sound, I felt completely willing to be compliant. After all, I enjoyed the work, and didn’t really feel any hardship here. To some degree I was actually enjoying myself. After all, I was quite committed to accepting myself in this new body. I even looked forward to the excitement of being with 30.

I was a little lost in thought, when I knocked a book from the table, and saw it slip behind one of the well upholstered comfortable chairs in the library. Dropping to my knees I reached under the table, and grasped the book. I was about to rise, when I heard the door of the library open.

A moment later I heard Mrs. Gravely’s voice say, “Good. She’s gone. She’ll be in the barn for the next half hour at least.  Let’s go to my office.”

The door closed and I silently picked myself up from behind the chair. There was no doubt in my mind that Mrs. Gravely had missed me completely though I had absolutely no idea why I might be the subject of her attention.  I wondered if perhaps I had done something wrong.

A moment later I was opening the door of the library and silently stepping into the hallway. I glanced out of long windows and could see a plain medium sized sedan in the drive.  It screamed rental. I wondered for a moment, could this be Devina, come to visit Mrs. Gravely for some reason. Of course, it was too silly to suppose that could be the case.  I could hear voices from Mrs. Gravely’s office, and for a moment I thought I might press my ear to the door to see what I might hear.

Something inside me told me this would be unwise. The chance of being found out was too great. Instead I gingerly stepped up the stairs toward the landing. Perhaps I could sit there to see who it was would leave the office. Obviously this was not going to be a long meeting.

On the landing I found myself staring at a large old closet, dark wood and very beautiful. I opened it, and there I saw a couple of coats. I quietly slipped into the closet and left the door very slightly ajar, before settling down on my knees to wait.

I didn’t have long to wait.  I would guess only ten minutes had passed when the door of Mrs. Gravely’s office opened and she stepped out.

“We’ll go into town and make the arrangements there.  It won’t take long,” she said to someone still in the office. “With luck we can get started by the end of the week.”

Mrs. Gravely stood waiting for her colleague, and while I could see her plainly her companion had yet to leave the office. I felt my heart skip a beat as I thought of Devina. Could it be her?

I heard a chair pushed back, someone was getting to their feet.

“Let me just get my coat,” said Mrs. Gravely. With that she moved toward the stairs, and I hurriedly shrunk back inside the closet.

I could barely believe what was happening. Here I was, hiding in the closet – something I can only say was a concept I was familiar with in another way – and I could hear Mrs. Gravely’s footsteps approaching. I pushed myself into the back of the closet and held my breath.

The door opened a crack and a slim hand reached in and took a coat. The door swung closed and I breathed again.

I felt the sweat tricking down my back as I heard the tread of her feet on the steps returning to the ground hall. I felt a mixture of elation and relief and gently pressed against the door of the closet. With a gentle creak it gave, and the door opened a crack.

That was when I plainly saw the last person I expected, straightening her hair in the hall mirror, then turning the two women stepped out to the driveway and were lost from my view.

Jennifer. My sister. Here.

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  1. Oh come on Devina.I think it’s a part you, you can’t define very easily, and I wouldn’t mind. It sounds racy. Hope there are more episodes of Andrea’s antic’s. I hope Jennifer has fun plan’s for her brother. If he doesn’t want it I’ll take his place anytime. Sounds like a good time to me,

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