Clothes Maketh The Man

Clothes Maketh The Man is an iconic serial about crossdressing that’s been running since 2016. New episodes are added monthly, as we follow the hapless adventures of Andy – or Andrea – as he progresses in a tortured path fueled by curiosity, passion and excitement.

Imagine the moment when a friend says ‘Trust me!’ – and suddenly you realize things are going to go very, very badly.


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Have you ever felt that perhaps you’ve placed your trust in the wrong person? Well, welcome to Andy’s world. He progresses from seemingly innocent situation to catastrophe with a regularity that will entertain you, and hopefully you’ll never experience.

Clothes Maketh The Man

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40 Replies to “Clothes Maketh The Man”

  1. I just finished reading the last few chapters that are posted. And just can’t get them out of my head. I have been following Andrea’s story since the beginning and these past few chapters are haunting me. Her sister’s involvement from the beginning has shaken me to my core and I can’t explain why. I feel Andrea’s confusion and wonder about my own. I almost wish I hadn’t read those chapters.

  2. I am presently living in France, I am not sure what the time lines are between our two countries are but I think it may be more than two weeks since chapter 69 was issued.
    Can you please try and keep to your two weeks time line as it is really getting a bit tense over here.
    Jessie dee

    1. Oh Jessie, you are so right. I am sorry. I have been swamped recently but I have a bit more time to focus on CLothe Maketh THe Man now. I hope to have something within the next few days. Poor Andrea. She’s in trouble.

      I watch whats happening in France, where my lovely daughter lives, and I feel your concern. Nonetheless – Nous continuerons. Ne jamais abandonner.

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