Clothes Maketh The Man – Part 66.

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On the way to dropping 30 and I at the rail station, my sister had reassured me that things at the company were ticking along just fine without me. The thought made me feel a little redundant. Yet, it wasn’t a point of any concern to me, as I had other things to think about. Things like embracing an entirely new gender and lifestyle, and a new personality.

“Besides,” Jennifer had said, “you don’t think Devina would leave you in the lurch, do you?”

The mention of that name made me shiver. I wondered, did she miss me?

“How is my friend, Veronica,” I asked, thinking of the brutality that she’d  previously been exposed to.

“Oh, she’s fine. Doing rather well, actually,” came the reply as Jennifer eased the car into the parking lot at the railway station.

I felt a wave of relief.  At least that was promising.  On a whim I asked my sister, “Did she have a number?”

Jennifer smiled, and absently said, “Ah, yes. Number 16.  We all remember Number 16.”

Suddenly she clammed up, and I sensed she’d said more than she should. She told us both to stay in the car and stepped out saying she’d take care of the tickets. 30 and I sat in the car feeling like the two teenage kids a mother had told not to mess about while she took care of a task.

“You shouldn’t ask too many questions,” said 30, softly. “She reached down and took my hand. “It wouldn’t be good to upset them.”

The words were said kindly and I looked into her eyes about to reply, when she gave my hand a squeeze and nodded in the direction of the ticket office. I turned and saw Jennifer was hurrying back, cell phone pressed to her ear, and two tickets in her free hand.

“There’s going to be plenty of time to talk on the train,” said 30.

With that she sat back and waited for my sister. A moment later she opened the door and placed the tickets in 30’s hand.

“You’ve got 20 minutes before the train leaves. It’s a good day to leave town, believe me.  Slamming that man’s head in the door wasn’t the most lady like thing you’ve ever done, Andrea,” she said. “He’s going to be fine, but they kicked up a stink. No one has said anything though. The police have no idea it was you. To two people who abducted you it was ‘just another one of the girls’.”

“Go on. Say it,” I said. “We all look alike.”


I felt an oddly comfortable feeling hearing my sister use my name. I suddenly felt a deep wave of affection for her, in spite of the privations I had suffered at the hands of her dear friend, Davina. She was somehow mixed up in all of this.  I had yet to understand how.

The thought of Devina made me uncomfortable. There was no doubt I still felt what some would consider a misplaced affection for Devina. True, she had threatened violence, drugged me, and exposed me to numerous sexual humiliations beyond the imaginations of most people.

‘Nobody’s perfect,’ I thought to myself.

And yet here beside me was a gurl of such painful beauty, my heart literally skipped each time I looked at those freckled cheeks of hers. Just thinking about it, I turned to her, and saw her smile.  Oh God. It’s like an electric shock straight to my belly. It’s like an injection of instant excitement.

Since I really embraced my feminine self I found I could almost come just by being so suddenly turned on.

30’s eyes met mine in an unspoken moment of intimacy, and as swiftly as it arrived it was lost as she said, “We should get a move on.”

Jennifer watched as we hurried into the station, and then walked back to her car.  As we waited on the platform I noticed the car remained parked in the lot.

18 minutes later, as we pulled out of the station it was still there.


Before leaving 22 had placed two small cases in the car. Taking our seats we found ourselves alone in the car. My mind was overflowing with questions, but I knew we had a whole 24 hours to get to that.

I reached for 30’s hand and she grasped mine, and jerked me toward her. The warmth of two bodies coming together in a violent embrace was overwhelming. My mouth went to hers as she grasped a fistful of my hair and pulled me to her.

I felt her fingers twist tight, and felt the pain and the pressure. She forced my willing body to hers. Those days of working with the horses had toned 30’s body to a hardened shape, both languid and muscular.

She pushed me down in front of her and pressed up against my ass. I immediately felt the hard shape of the cage against me. Pressing back into her I felt myself squirm and  twist searching for  more. I could feel 30’s strong fingers pressing into the flesh of my bottom. As she kneaded and massaged my buttocks I felt her spreading me apart in a way that made me gasp. In that moment I cursed the makers of the chastity devices we both had locked between our legs. I cursed the lock makers and I cursed the tortured mind that came up with such a cruel device.

“Christ,” I said, desperately. “We have to find a way to do something about this!”

I blush now as I tell you I was grinding my body against 30’s hardened form like an animal. I think I would have done anything in that moment to feel 30 slide into me.

“Oh, yes,” said 30. “We’re going to.”

I felt 30 disengage and get to her feet.

“What do you mean?” I said breathlessly.

With that 30 reached into her purse and what she held up before me took my breath away completely.

With that she said, “I’ve got a key.”


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