Clothes Maketh The Man – Part 3

As the taxi took me back to my sister Jenn’s house I occupied myself by thinking of ways I might extract suitable punishment from the degenerate and dangerous Devina. Not only had she seen me in panties, the result of a perfectly innocent situation, but she had photographed me and posted the picture on social media, which a prospective employer had then viewed.

This was beyond awful. This was catastrophic. Anyone might see such a picture, and copy it. It was likely beyond my control, even if the blasted women did take it down.

I remembered Steve’s message about needing me to help him run an account. After a quick call back it transpired he did indeed want me to set up an agency with him, that we’d be equal partners and why not make a go of it? I told him I liked the sound of the idea, but wanted to sleep on it.

It seemed a fairly good plan under the circumstances. I was, after all, in the rather unfortunate position of having absolutely nothing to loose, except for a reputation of moderate success – although if word of my (accidental) cross dressing got out, that too might evaporate swiftly.

‘Dammit,’ I thought. ‘I’m being outed and I wasn’t even ‘in’.’

The taxi drew to a halt in front of Jenn’s house and I climbed out. I paid the driver and walked up the drive, catching sight of my reflection in the windows at the front of the house. Beige really was a terrible colour. How could I have had the misfortune to have to borrow Dennis’s clothes, and what was this obsession with beige that he had?

I knocked on the door, and Jenn opened it.

‘Good interview?’ she asked.

‘I wouldn’t go so far as to describe it as ‘good’ exactly.’

“Really? Why not?’

‘Well, let’s just say that Devina putting embarrassing pictures of me online contributed to the ongoing disaster and humiliation of the day.’

‘Oh, Andy, come on. You’re being very hard on her. After all, you were the one that pulled up those silk panties and stood there like a lemon! I mean, really, you can’t actually ‘blame’ her. She wasn’t the one cross dressing after all.’

I looked aghast at her. ‘You think it’s funny?’

‘Actually, I think it’s rather cute. I had no idea…’

I was incensed with anger, and practically shouted, ‘It’s not cute, and ‘no’, I don’t just put on women’s underwear!’

‘Well, evidently you do! I’ve seen the pictures.’

I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself. ‘You and half the rest of the planet. What you saw was… was…’

Devina appeared from the direction of the kitchen. “Ahhhhh, it’s Cinderella.’ She cried out expansively. ‘Perhaps you should get out of those rags and dress for the ball!’

While I struggled with my power of speech, she held up two large shopping bags from ‘Truscots – The home of gentleman’s attire’.

‘I got you some stuff. Designer jeans, some very nice shirts, two ties and some rather sexy boxers. Socks too. I think I got the right sizes, but you’ll have to try them on.’

I was more than a little taken aback. She’d obviously spent a small fortune and had been out most of the morning shopping while I’d been in my interview. While my brain tried to process this thought, and reconcile it with the fact that she was a super bitch, my mouth hung open in indecision.

‘Well, if I were you I’d get out of those ludicrous pants and slip into something more, comfortable,” and she held the bags aloft, to avoid any misunderstanding. ‘Come on into the living room and let’s get you properly dressed.’

Of all the kaleidoscope of human emotions, confusion is the one that is most difficult to process. I followed meekly into the living room, having wanted nothing more than to pull her head from her shoulders a few minutes earlier. Now she was helping me with extraordinary generosity.

I likely appeared to be in something of a daze as Devina handed me one article of clothing after another. They were spectacular and very expensive. I felt partly humbled and partly indignant. Confusion reigned.

Now, as I am sure you will all agree and understand, confusion  is a difficult emotion. I followed Devina into the living room, and in somewhat stunned amazement watched as she poured a glass of wine and offered it to me. She poured one for herself and one for Jenn.

I sat there, as the two girls chirped like a pair of birds and I suddenly felt the full force of the last couple of days descend on me. I was so tired, so disappointed by my interview and yet elated by my news from Steve. I was entirely overwhelmed.

As I listened I became vaguely aware of the world beginning to swim, and rotate and as quickly as I’d noticed it, I slid from consciousness.


It is, of course, the oldest trick in the book. If you want to incapacitate a man, slip him a mickey fin. I actually knew one woman who did a lot of online dating and when she definitely wanted a man, she’d slip Viagra into his drink. Now, this is really a good time to say, `Don’t try that at home, kids!` on account of the fact that you can kill the poor sap if he has a heart condition. Anyway, finding themselves the worse for wear they’d usually succumb to her desires.

And here I was slowly waking up, finding myself on the floor in the living room, vaguely aware that all was not well.

Devina was in front of me, and I found myself on my knees. The moment I attempted to get to my feet I became aware I was secured quite firmly to the coffee table, face down. I had the strangest feeling around my legs, which were to my surprise quite bare. I could see the cuffs around my wrists, leather and firm, and feel the ones around my ankles. I tried to turn but my head was secured firmly by a collar device. My bum felt cold.

`You’ve taken off my pants! What are you, crazy,` I said gradually coming to my senses.

`Sleeping beauty is waking up!`said Devina. `Oh, that will make things easier.`

I turned my head and could see Jenn’s feet but no more. What the hell, my sister seeing me like this was terrible. That was when I became aware, there was something very wrong with me.

`Don’t worry,`continued Devina, `He won’t remember a thing.`

I watched as Devina lifted a plastic sack. It was not very big, perhaps large enough to hold about a litre of a fluid. She hung it from a table lamp in the table before me, and smiled at me.

`No, he won’t remember a thing. They never do.`

With that she took a small bottle with a clear liquid and put several drops in the bag, and then added a little water from a water bottle. I was quite perplexed.

`What the hell is that,` I stammered. Then I noticed the tube running down from where the sack was secured tot he lamp, the liquid was moving down, and as I followed the tube I lost sight of it as it snaked its way behind me. That’s when I became aware of a cold sensation in my bum.

Suddenly I realized what this was. That crazy bitch Devina was giving me an enema! `My god,` I thought, `there has to be any number of laws against this.`
`What is that?’ I stammered. Some strange substance from a medicinal bottle was being introduced to my body and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.

‘Oh, nothing for you to worry about. Think of it as ‘happy juice.’ You are going to find everything just so wonderful, you’ll love it.’

I was beginning to feel the effects of something moving through my body. It was a sensation that would possibly have been vaguely pleasant had it not been forced on me against my will.

Devina had a glass of white wine in her hand, and reached over and took the bottle. She moved calmly and confidently, almost entirely disinterested in me. There was nothing in the world I could do about it, and while I watched with a sense of panic, I felt as though this were all happening to someone else. Devina  then opened the mouth of the plastic sack once more and poured about half a bottle of wine into the bag.

‘Alcohol is absorbed very rapidly, when delivered rectally’ she said in a matter of fact tone. She was ignoring me and talking to my sister Jenn, as though instructing her.

‘You’re mad,’ I shouted. I was aware of the sensation of the leather against my wrists. It felt very pleasant. ‘You’re mad,’ I said. Oh, god, that felt nice, the cool feeling of the wine moving through the tube into my rectum. I sighed.

‘You’re both bloody mad…’ I was overwhelmed with a sensation of happiness.

The ‘happy juice’, which was likely MDMA, was getting into my system now. I felt so nice, the table against my chest, and the leather securing my wrists and the oh so refreshing coolness of the wine slipping inside me.

‘In a moment,’ said Devina, ‘the alcohol will hit. He won’t be able to stand or do much of anything but lie there. It’s a very curious combination. He’ll feel wonderful, but not be able to motivate movement.’

‘Fascinating,’ said Jenn, still beyond my vision.

I felt them release my wrists first and then my ankles. I tried to get up, but my body wouldn’t respond at all. Instead I kept thinking, ‘the table feels so good against my skin!’

A moment later I was aware of Devina squatting in front of me. Now, keep in mind she was wearing a skirt and as she squatted, her shiny black heels reflecting spangles of light, I could see the crotch of her panties clearly. They were a delicate shade of pink, and had lace trim.

‘Andy? Hello? Can you hear me?”

I smiled at Devina. I didn’t want to, but it was nice lying there, looking at her panties and her knees wide apart.

“Yes, you can, can’t you.” She said. “I’ve got a little present for you that’s going to make you very very happy.”

I sighed. I was so content.

I then watched as she slowly removed her pink panties. It all seemed to be happening in slow motion. I felt my body shake a little as I chuckled happily.

Devina smiled as she watched me watching her. “You like these panties, don’t you Andy?”

I could feel my face smiling, though I am sure I had no control over it. Her panties seemed the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

“I am going to do something very special for you, Andy. I am going to let you feel them.”

She first put the panties in my hand, and I was aware of the silky fabric. It was so soft it could have been spun from angel’s hair. Then she took them from me, and as much as I tried to hold them, because they felt so magical, I could barely move a finger.

“You’d like me to stroke your face with them, wouldn’t you Andy?”

I sighed in ecstasy.

“You can smell them, can’t you?”

She held them beneath my nose. Oh, the sweet musky fragrance. It filled my mind like a fog of gentle excitement washing through me. I drew a deep waft of her into my nose and it seemed to dance on my olfactory nerves. I was in heaven.

“You love the feeling of these panties, don’t you? Of course you do!”

I couldn’t follow as she walked behind me, but I felt my legs moved and then the heavenly sensation f the silk moving slowly up my legs. A smile filled my face.
“There you are,” she said. “Now that feels so much better, doesn’t it?”

It felt perfect.

Gradually I became aware of my mind swimming and turning once more. I am going to try to remember what happened next, but as the alcohol flooded through me, combined with the other solution, I gradually slipped into something beyond consciousness. I was aware of only one thing.

Those panties were the most sensual and perfect thing ever to have touch my body.

I was aware of Jenn and Devina talking in the background, and the fading words, “he’ll never remember a thing…”


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