Keeping it simple.

I have always liked leotards. I’ve written a few pieces about the versatility of this piece of clothing, here’s one piece – 

So many of us agonize over finding clothing that fits perfectly. It has to be said that the beauty of this type of garment is that it fits most body types well. I like something that covers my shoulders and steers the eye toward a bit of cleavage.

It’s typical of Sylvester that when I say I am going to slip into something simple, he assumes I mean Rainbow. He really can be quite coarse at times. I find it good to give him a pre-emptive slap around the head now and then.

“What was that for?” he says.

“It’s for what you’re going to think, if you’re not doing so already,” I tell him helpfully.

I do like to steer people in a good direction. So, here’s a handy tip. If you like wearing jeans, think about getting a simple leotard that you can slip into, and suddenly you’ve got a very femme outfit which is simple to put together and always looks attractive.

Here’s a link to a leotard that’s only around $22 and is a great asset to any trans wardrobe.

I like to wear this type of thing with a pair of high waisted jeans. If you add heels it’s super femme. This is what I’m wearing this weekend.

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It’s Friday night, so let’s do this…

Look, do I really need an excuse to post this? So, here it is. It’s for all my lovely members who’ve been so kind this last few weeks.

In other news…

Faith from Gender Rebels has a new book out. It’s worth reading. No, I’m not paid to say that.

“When 16-year-old Matt Baily is expelled from his evangelical Christian high school, he faces the prospect of going to public school for the first time. There he firstexperiences the world beyond the strict, conservative Christianity he has grownup with. When he befriends wannabe Warhol Superstar Michelle, he is finally able to share his deepest darkest secret with another person–he has always longed to be a girl.”

Looks pretty good. Get it here –

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Enjoy the Fiona Dobson Crossdressing Playlist below – it’s sure to put a smile on your face.

Trans Flag for Wall | Transgender Pride Banner Tapestry | Large 40″ x 60″ – $12.66

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Do you need enlargement?

I was sitting in my kitchen this morning with Bernard, my photographer, going through some proofs from the advertising agency that I work for, when Bernard started lamenting the decline in the business of photography. As an advertising agency photographer he remains in demand, but beyond the work at the agency he sees work falling off quite substantially.

“It’s no good,” he said. “These days everyone’s a photographer and no one is interested in having enlargements done.”

“Well, I wouldn’t say that,” I interjected. “I can think of a number of friends that need enlargement.”

Getting a great selfie is a wonderful excuse to try a variety of different looks and explore what works best for you.

“I mean, all they want to do is put it their pictures on Instagram. Hardly anyone prints pictures anymore,” he said.

“But so many more people are enjoying photography,” I said. “It’s so much more accessible now.”

“Well, yes.  But where does that leave me,” he asked.

“Yes, I see your point.” I said.

It took my mind back to those summer days several years ago when we’d do so many fashion shoots in the park for the agency. I can still hear Bernard’s voice in my memory as I would slip into a different outfit, and he’d shoot me on his long lens.

“No,” he’d shout from the distance as we’d cycle through various looks. “Jacket off! Jacket off!””

“I’m sorry?” I’d shout back.

“Take your jacket off!”

“Oh,” I’d reply and remove the jacket and we’d do a load more pics.

Such memories. As crossdressers we have a great opportunity to take great pictures using ourselves as the subject. In the quest to ‘accept yourself as you are and create yourself as you desire’ getting great images of yourself is a great exercise. It does take a little effort, but what a wonderful way to enjoy your crossdressing.

But all of this puts me in mind of the skills needed to do a decent selfie. Bernard and I will be posting a few things on the site and on Patreon to help you get the perfect selfie over the coming weeks.  Be sure to register (it’s free) to avoid missing these. In the meantime enjoy this wonderful video from our favorite singer, Boggie. If you’ve not heard her before, have an open mind and watch her video.

Have a lovely week,


Clothes Maketh The Man – Part 70.

– Find Part 1 here – Chapter list here –

Is it something they say about a drowning man? He was going down for the third time… Well, at the pool party I was drowning.

For the life of me I can’t quite understand how two people can discuss details of their new cars while, only a few feet away, the trannie hired entertainment is getting banged by a man that had just snorted down more powder than we get in a night on our Canadian ski hills.

If these people were indifferent to the behaviour being inflicted on me, they were no more indifferent than I was to the latest in the line up that was forming behind the man between my legs. I was phoning it in, to mix metaphors.

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Patriotic Fervor.

Max, my neighbour’s son, came round this morning. He was full of patriotic fervor, as it’s Canada day. He was wearing his red and white tea shirt, and his strong muscles quivered beneath the cotton.

“Fiona,” he said excitedly, “Can I look at your beaver?”

I shifted uneasily. It’s not like Max to be quite so forward.

“Your beaver… Mother says you have a very special one!”

This seemed a little odd.

“She says you had it specially mounted,” he continued.

“She did, did she?”

“Yes, and put in a glass case.”

I suddenly remembered the revolting piece of taxidermy my wife’s equally revolting friend Amanda had left in our garage storage area. It was a beaver in a glass case.

“Of course you can, Max. You’re such good boy!”

tumblr_o5dnxhIdF51udir5qo1_1280Today, as you likely know, is Canada Day. This is the day on which Canadians celebrate the founding of our great country. Now, for those of you who are not Canadian and are hard at work – and from some of the emails I’ve been getting, I can honestly say I mean that in the most literal sense – I want you to try and share in my happiness in this day.

As you probably know I live in Vancouver, that most cosmopolitan of modern cities. Here we enjoy a wonderful tradition of music, performance and fun.

Not to forget my American cousins, I hope you too have a wonderful Fourth Of July. Here’s a nice video to help you celebrate! This is very funny –

So, on this special day join me in celebrating Canada. Think of it as embracing your inner beaver. I know you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.


Having ‘the talk’ – ‘Darling, I think I’m trans!’

Many of us worry that sharing the changes we’re going through will destroy our relationships, particularly if we’ve been partnered for many years.  There are certainly situations where this is the case, however it doesn’t always need to be that way. If you’re interested in preserving your relationship you may want to read on.

Partners generally can be very accepting as long as they don’t feel their relationship or security is threatened.  So, for example, if you choose to share that you are experiencing some shifts emotionally, you’re likely to get a lot further than simply declaring that you want to be known henceforth as ‘Candy’ and that you’re going to wear stripper clothes to your job at the iron foundry. I think you understand what I am driving at. Communication is the key, and it’s communication at a very gentle level. No one wants to hear an ultimatum, or that ‘everything has to change’.

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Would you like to stuff my beaver?


This morning, just as I was emerging from my morning yoga session, I was surprised to see Max (my neighbour’s son), huffing and puffing and coming in my rear entrance, a bundle of excited youthful anticipation. He was hurrying up the garden path, as I pulled up my yoga pants, and adjusted my hair.

Sebastian, my personal trainer, was as surprised as I was myself. He likes to come early to stretch me, as I’m sure my regular members are aware.

“Fiona,” said Max, bursting into my kitchen. “Can I take a look at your beaver?”

As you probably know, today is Canada Day. It’s a tradition in Huckleberry Close, to come over to my house on Canada Day, and look at my beaver – a beautiful piece of taxidermy –  the centrepiece of the Canada Day party I always throw on the Canada Day Weekend, to celebrate us throwing off the shackles of oppressive colonialism before Canada declared itself free of tyrannical rule from London. Actually, that’s not really true. We just all sort of agreed that we’d have a new flag and continue to be the friends we’ve always been. No one was being either tyrannical or oppressive, but it’s a good excuse for a party. And the centre piece of the party is my beaver, a stuffed animal that has become something of a mascot over the years. It’s traditional for us to enjoy some lovely Canadian Wines, from British Columbia (a place that is neither British nor Columbian), swap hockey stories and talk about Zamboni’s while apologizing to one another. We all eat poutine and make fun of people we love from Newfoundland, and generally act in an understated but quietly superior way, while listening to The Tragically Hip, 54 40, Five Man Electrical Band, Rush and many other great Canadian bands.

I told Max, “Darling, calm down. My beaver is open to everyone, just give me a moment to prepare it! You’ll get your turn. Just don’t get too excited. It’s Canada Day, you’ll have to pace yourself.”

We have so many wonderful traditions in Canada. Being Canadian means so many wonderful things to all the peoples of our country. We love our diversity, our first nations people and our democracy, which we value enough to protect.

If Max gets over excited, of course, it will be over before it’s really started. It can happen to us all. I handed him a pot of maple syrup and suggested he put it out on the garden table while I went down to get the noble beast, and then he could examine my beaver to his hearts content.

This year’s wine of choice is Quill, a distinctive Rose from Vancouver Island, which is quite delightful and goes rather well with the short skirt I’m wearing. It’s light, a little cheeky and subtly stimulating.  The wine’s not bad either. I know we’ll be toasting Sylvester, who has decided to commit to a course learning to drive a Zamboni at the local hockey arena. I must get things ready for the party shortly, so this will be a short email.

It may come as a surprise to some of you, but Marjory (my delightful lesbian neighbor) got her hand stuck in my beaver recently while trying to replace some of the stuffing. She was wedged right in there! I know what you’re thinking, what was she of all people doing, jammed up there? Well, she does fancy herself as something of an amateur taxidermist. Strange woman. She’s from Alaska, you know. Eventually we got her hand out, but ever since she’s been acting most strangely. She’s said on more than one occasion that she wishes her hands were a little smaller. I can’t think why! It’s almost as though she’s never heard of lube. I understand it softens the skin nicely and taxidermists swear by it.

I hurried down to the basement and found my beaver, then carried it up to my garden table, already bathed in warm summer sunshine. In the sunlight I could see it has begun to look a little tired. I suppose one can not be surprised. After all, my beaver has been fingered by many over the passing years. And yet, surprisingly it continues to put a contented smile on many of my friends faces. However, I do believe a beaver should be well groomed and well presented. I will speak to my local taxidermist and have him restuff it later this month.

Have a wonderful Canada day weekend.


Women’s T Shirt Pride Rainbow Canadian Flag Shirt – $12.94

Sylvester couldn’t get his chopper out!

What a busy week it’s been. Poor Sylvester has barely even got his chopper out. He’s looking most frustrated.

I’ve told him, there are times when circumstances just don’t allow a good ride, and it’s times like that we have to do the preventative maintenance. He usually looks despondent when I say such things, and then goes off to grease his nipples, or something. I have no idea what that is, by the way. Anyway, perhaps the weather will improve and he’ll be able to get out on his bike.

So, after seeing the debate I reached for a nice length of rope to go and hang myself, changed my mind and then wrote a cutting post. After posting it, I thought better of things and deleted it. Few people come to my site for political commentary. All I can say is we now get to see whether people are capable of facing facts, biting the bullet and asking a good man to do what’s best for the country and withdraw from the race. Personally, I feel Joe is a good man, and he’s done ok. But now it’s time. His ambitions and the ambitions of those that surround him simply do not take precedence over the future of a country. My concern is most of all for the many trans kids who will see an end to their medications if the rapist felon gets elected. I know we cannot depend on the liar to protect trans rights, or to protect anyone but himself for that matter.

So, what can we do? Right away you can familiarise yourself with this – – which is a good starting point. If you live in an area which has no pathway to support for a candidate that could get themselves elected, then I would strongly suggest backing a candidate in a location they may be able to get elected, even if this is far from you. If you live in the middle of a right wing enclave, you can donate to Zooey Zephyr, in Montana and lend her your support. Those of us outside the USA can’t donate to support US candidates, there are rules against that, but we can look to people who are advancing trans rights in our own country and lend them whatever support we can. Sometimes this is monetary, sometimes by volunteering, and sometimes simply by expressing support for their message.

We are definitely living at a strange time in history. However, we’ve always been here, and we will always be here. Supporting our sisters in any way we can is more important than ever.  This week I was travelling in the foothills of the rocky mountains, and in a small town hardly big enough to swing a cat in I stopped to buy a coffee on a very long drive.  To my surprise a trans girl came in as I was ordering my coffee. I would guess she was 20 years old. She looked lovely and I turned to her, complimented her on her lovely hair, and then told her how those of us who are older are so very proud of our young sisters. I said to her, ‘you carry a flag that we were unable to, and we admire you for that. When we are gone, you will carry that flag onward.’

She was so grateful. Many of us face a very solitary journey.  When we are able to express our support for one another it really helps.

With this in mind I am offering the first five people who email me at with the email subject line ‘I support my sisters’ free membership of my Whatsapp Group.  This is usually $10 a month, so it’s a substantial saving. Remember to check out the guidelines for the group chat.  It’s been running very well for years and is a supportive place for many members unable to find community elsewhere. If you’d like another opportunity to chat with others, you can do so by choosing one of the options on my Patreon and using the community chat there. Just remember to keep it respectful and clean. It’s about supporting one another.

You can get into my Patreon for as little as a dollar a month, and I could really use some new members there. Jump in and use ‘my back door’ if you want to be supportive.

Have a glorious week.



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Trans Rights are Human Rights Shirt – $6.99

Auntie wants to know if you’ve been a good boy.

As my little nephew Gerald was helping me with a few personal tasks the other day I asked myself, I wonder how my favorite little sissy is doing? How are you getting along, ? I’m sure you’d just love to be in his place. Why just this afternoon he was helping me.

“That’s it, Gerald, stir it round and round the bowl. Faster. Here let me help you,” and to be extra helpful I stood behind him, my breasts against his shoulders as I reached around and vigorously stirred the cake mix. I really do work up a little sweat as I work away at it! It’s just as well I have a strong right arm.

Poor little Gerald, he’s quite overcome!

“Oh no!” I said as I lifted the bowl and placed it on the counter. “Some of the cake mix has dripped from the spoon right between my… my… chest.”

“Can I lick it,” asked little Gerald.

“Gerald!” I exclaimed. “Oh, you mean the spoon! Of course.”

After such a busy afternoon in the kitchen I think I’d better go and get a towel to clean up. After all, I want little Gerald to look forward to coming again and again and learning to help in the kitchen.

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Your favorite Auntie,

Auntie Kittie.

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In conversation recently with a friend, they shared a story about a family member and it put me in mind of this clip. If you’ve not seen it before it’s a remarkable piece of advertising from J and B Scotch Whisky.


How to talk (and listen) to transgender people.

Gender should be the least remarkable thing about someone, but transgender people are still too often misunderstood. To help those who are scared to ask questions or nervous about saying the wrong thing, Jackson Bird shares a few ways to think about trans issues. And in this funny, frank talk, he clears up a few misconceptions about pronouns, transitioning, bathrooms and more.

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