Clothes Maketh The Man – Part 65.

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I don’t know if you can imagine it. The sheer physical relief of it all, and collapsing into 30’s arms on that bed.

I could hear other residents of the farm finding their way back to bed, and gradually the big house returned to it’s night time slumber. I felt 30 embracing me from behind. The strength of her arms encircled me, and I could feel her warm breath on my neck. I lost consciousness wrapped securely within her arms.

I suppose this is something few men really experience. To be held by someone who is stronger, generally more powerful, and to melt into the security of their body. 30 held me and I felt like a small child. I felt I could trust these arms. This warm body behind me, the way her legs pressed against mine. She was doubtless an Alpha. It was in this comfortable security that I drifted back to wakefulness.

As dawn broke and I drifted in and out of consciousness waking slowly, I savored each moment of being here with 30. Soon enough we would be up and having breakfast. I lay there enjoying every moment of this special time.

30 woke gently, and in doing so she squeezed me sensually. I could feel her cage pressing against me. Was it my imagination or was she pressing herself rhythmically against me? I could feel her pressing her face against my neck, from behind.  Soft lips, kissing the back of my neck, and then my shoulders.

The press of her body became more insistent. Yes, I sighed. This was happening. Though what ‘this’ might be I didn’t know. The cruel reality of being unable to satisfy this caged lover tormented me. Yet this torment was assuaged as I turned, and kissed first, 30’s lips, then her neck, her chest, her belly and slowly tongued her metal containment. I could feel the insistence of 30, and as my fingers slid over her buttocks and then into 30’s gently gyrating body, she moaned sighs of release. Our bodies melted into each other sensually, moving together as though made for this very moment.

I was surprised how easy it was to bring 30 to completion. My kissing, and my stimulation of her internally swiftly brought her to her peak, and the sounds of her pleasure subsided into a contented breathlessness as I enjoyed the salty bounty of my efforts.

I was aware how much I enjoyed that salty post coital treat. I licked, sucked, and lapped the bounty of our passion. Just a few short weeks ago this would have seemed unthinkable and yet here I was. Snuggling against 30 I found only joy in our presence together. Whatever it was I had become I felt I had found myself at last.


Breakfast went as most breakfasts did though on his particular day I could see my sister sitting beside Mrs. Gravely at the top table.  It was only after we’d sipped our coffee’s and Mrs Gravely got up to speak that the import of the previous nights adventure began to return to me. It was not lost on me that I had experienced a narrow escape in which I could have been severely hurt, were it not for the ineptitude of my captors. There were going to be questions.

Thought of the two knuckleheads in the barn reminded me swiftly that they would likely be free by now.  They could make life difficult. I was unsurprised when Mrs. Gravely concluded the days announcements with the words, ‘and would you step into my office please, 38, after breakfast please.’

Summoned in this way I knocked on her office door a few minutes later.

Mrs. Gravely sat behind her desk, in conversation with 22, as I entered. She looked up, and motioned me in, pointing me toward a chair beside 22.

“So, Andrea, tell me precisely what happened last night. It was most fortunate that 30 happened to notice that you’d slipped out.  And I have to say I don’t approve of this sort of midnight excursion. As you can see, the night can be a dangerous place.”

“Yes, Mrs. Gravely,” I said a little meekly. I then went on to describe precisely what had happened the previous night.

Throughout this narration 22 and Mrs. Gravely watched me with the same sort of measured stare I’ve seen on the face of people in authority the world over.

At length Mrs. Gravely said, “Well now. I suppose you’re not really to blame. In fact, if anything, the fact that you noticed these miscreants has flushed them out. One of them, you say, is that Butterworth boy. That’s interesting. We can shut him up easily enough. I think I know how the other one might be.  We’ve experienced a little more attention from some of the local, what should I call them,” she paused a moment. “Yes, some of the locals. Silliness really, as we are so treasured by some in this community.”

“They’re sure to call the police, or the sheriff, whatever you have out here,” I said. “That can’t be good.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” replied Mrs. Gravely. “I think Jeff is one of our greatest supporters. His wife most certainly is. Besides, I am a generous supporter of the Sherrif Departments Benevolent Fund.”

22 gave a distinct chuckle at this and I realised I was witnessing a joke I’d not been in on.

“He won’t give us any problems, but I don’t really like being brought to the attention of the local authorities. One never knows what sort of prying individual might decide to dig deeper than is comfortable.”

Mrs. Gravely drummed her fingers on the desk thoughtfully for a moment.

“All the same,” she continued, “it might be wise for you to keep a low profile for a while.”

At this point 22 leaned over Mrs. Gravely’s desk and took a note that had been folded and placed neatly to one side.

“There’s always this,” said 22, placing the note before Mrs. Gravely.

“That might be the very thing,” said Mrs. Gravely in response to 22s idea. “But I don’t want to send her alone.”

I wondered what this reprieve might be.

“You are Happy here, aren’t you, 38?” she asked.

“I came back, didn’t I?” I said gently, a little ashamed of myself.

“Nonetheless,” went on Mrs. Gravely, “you arrived in our ‘order’ in a rather unconventional way. I wouldn’t want to loose you, 38. You show great potential.”

I have no idea why, but on hearing these words I felt a wave of pride.

22 piped up at this and said, “It’s worth mentioning that some of our finest members have joined our sisterhood through such a convoluted path. All our girls are treasured.”

“Yes,” said Mrs. Gravely. “You’re quite right. I think 38 is beginning to understand.”

They spoke as though I were not there, something I’d usually feel offensive. Yet, in that moment I felt a sense of inclusion. A sense that I was valued.

“If I were to suggest a journey, can I rely on you not to do anything stupid? I wouldn’t want you to let down Devina or your sister.”

At the mention of Devina my heart skipped a beat.

“Of course. I won’t let you down, Mrs. Gravely,” I said.

“Very well.  I shall make arrangements. In the meantime 22 will issue you clothes and money for a 2 week journey.  Be sure to pack smartly.”

With that the interview was over, and 22 took me outside and led me to the master wardrobe.


When I came down to the office again an hour later my sister was in deep consultation with Mrs. Gravely.

Ushered into the room I sat patiently waiting, as was fitting.

“This will be a suitable assignment,” said Mrs. Gravely, handing a file to my sister. “You can see she’s perfect.”

At this point 22 joined the discussion, bringing a tidy valise as she entered the room and placed it by the door.

My sister was deeply engrossed in the file. I wondered at her involvement, but my place was to await my assignment, and not question it.

“This is a two girl arrangement,” said my sister. “Who is the other girl?”

“I think 30 might be very interested,” said 22. “And her surgery isn’t for another month now.”

“Yes,” said Mrs. Gravely thoughtfully. “30 is most reliable.”

22 said, “She can be depended upon.”

“Very good. Get things moving. Let’s get them on the mid day train,” replied Mrs. Gravely. “Make the arrangements.”


Less than an hour later I was sitting in the back of Mrs. Gravley’s car with 30, who was clutching a manilla envelope. She rifled through the contents.

“Travel instructions, contacts, cell phone, two credit cards with PIN numbers on post it notes. This looks like everything we need,” she said, this clearly not being the first time she’d been through this routine.

As we drove down the dusty road a police car entered the gates. We passed it as it slowly negotiated the long drive. My sister didn’t give it a second glance as she pressed the big car smartly out onto the road toward town.

30 turned to me and said, “So, have you ever been to Texas before?”

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