Feminize your man!

This is a page specifically for the partners of our wonderful members. I’ve been asked to have it done for a while and finally got to it.  Ladies, enjoy it. I strongly suggest you get your partners into the Premium Program to round off their training.  🙂  FD.

On this page you will undergo a short course of empowerment. You will learn to find your inner strength, and develop it. Additionally, you will learn precisely how to subjugate your man into submissive behavior that will allow you to easily manipulate him to your ends.

I have a special program for women who’d like to feminize their partner. Sign up below for the free version of this.  If you wish to join the Premium part of this program it’s just $9.99 a month and is a lot of fun, leading you in weekly steps that will advance their progress as far as you wish to take it.  You can read more about the Feminization Premium Program For Women here – https://fionadobson.com/feminize-your-man/feminize-your-man-premium-program/

Imagine, what a wonderful time to think about some fun clothing for both him and yourself. I’ll post some suitable ads at the foot of the page.  I’m sure your partner will be more than happy to foot the bill.    🙂

Don’t worry.  You are going to enjoy this.  Before you fret about not having the right wardrobe, keep in mind that your power comes from his desire – not your clothes. Something as innocuous as a pair of yoga pants can be as powerful a clothing choice as leather boots. It’s all a matter of how you wear them.



In this case we are looking at having him dress in clothes you have set aside for him, and for the purposes of bringing you pleasure. I know you like the sound of that, so just play along with me for the moment, even if you do have a few reservations.

Here’s how it works. There are three self hypnosis files for you. I’d like you to listen to one each evening for a few days. Just before you go to sleep put one on and enjoy it. You may even find it puts you to sleep. In the meantime there’s a file here for your partner too. He can listen to the same one each night.

After you’ve listened to the recording at the very least, once each, when you are feeling comfortable and ready, I want you to simply tell your partner ‘It’s time for him to get on his knees,’ and then simply hold out an article of clothing, or perhaps some lipstick, and he will eagerly take it from you. In doing so he is illustrating his tota  compliance with your instructions.

My best advice is to remain fully clothed throughout the process.  This will help you feel more empowered. Demonstrate your own strength by removing his. Have him on his knees where possible, but dressed in something clearly feminine as you give him instructions.


For a moment picture him wearing something feminine. In your minds eye see it very clearly. You see how awkward he seems? How unfamiliar it all looks?  I want you to see it very clearly in your imagination. You know something? In spite of feeling awkward, he wants to look good as a gurl. He wants to please you. So, as you imagine him awkwardly putting on nylons, see yourself encouraging him.  Lead him further down this path – so far that he really can’t turn back. Of course he’s confused.  Of course he feels subserviant and dependent on you.  Now, admit it, you like the feeling of power this awakens in you – don’t you?

A typical example of how to bring him to suitable compliance might be to have him listen to the MP3 he is given, and then hold out some panties. Don’t just suggest he listen to the MP3 – order him to.

“I want you to listen to this tonight, before you go to sleep.” See how there’s no question there? You dictate your wish to him, and watch him comply. Then when you are ready for him to dress, and he’s listened to the file at lest once, just hold out a pair of panties to him. You need not even speak, if you don’t wish to. He will eagerly comply.

After he has put them on, offer him some lipstick. Remain fully dressed, either standing, or sitting in a chair while he carries out your instructions. It’s important you refer to him by a female name – perhaps I have already given him one. Don’t reward him with sex, but at least tease him with it.

You are completely in command in this process. It’s a good feeling, isn’t it?

Enjoy it, and understand he is being very honest and open with you. Respecting that is a very good idea.

Below are a few adds for some products you may wish to introduce him to.  There’s one or two for you, as well. Be sure to check them out and enjoy this wonderful journey. Don’t forget to check out some of the wives who love to feminize their partners HERE.



Here’s the first MP3 for you:

And the second:

And the third:

Now, after you listen to one of these each evening just move on to the next the following night. After you’ve listened to all three, go back to the first.

And Finally –

Here’s your sissies MP3. Have him listen to it each night, till you are ready. Then you simply start him off on his journey by holding out an article of clothing for him.  He will know exactly what to do.

For her:

The right look will help keep his mind focused.

And for your partner:

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  1. How I would love for my wife to listen to these MP3 files and act upon them turning me into her feminised sissy slave. However the reality is she would probably divorce me if I even suggested anything like this.

      1. I would have to find some other woman, because my wife would never do this to me even though I want it. I would gladly go on my knees and do and wear anything she comands me to do. I feel like such a sissy saying this, but it is what I’m becoming. I just need that domanant woman to help push me along to my place.

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