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I am so pleased to see you here. You may run across me, as I sometime ‘man’ the chat system. We don’t use AI chat bots here, it’s all real live people. So, if the little sign says I’m here, then I am really here. 🙂

There’s a ton of free content on my blog. At last count something like 900 pages of it. That’s a whole lot of crossdressing! You’ll find stories, programs and community tools like Whatsapp. There’s a lot here. If you dig down you’ll be surprised what you might find.

You can tell, I like hotlinks. I put them all over the place. That’s to make it easier for you to drill down in stories or on pages where the stories run deep. Just clicking through a few of them will give you a pretty good idea what’s on this site, whether you’re interested in hypnosis, ghost stories or Sebastian.

By the way, if you don’t like surfing the site and you join the programs, you will also get content via email. You’d be surprised how many people love that.

When you register on this site you get more access. It also makes my job a little easier if you go on to become a Premium member, a Seahorse, or a Unicorn. It’s by no means essential, but you may get a more complete experience of the content if you do.

Registering is easy. Just go here and fill in the details. Please remember your password. I’ve noticed the password reset programming is a little glitchy, so please don’t reset your password once you’ve chosen it. 🙂

Once you’ve registered you can log in here and then you’re able to comment on posts and reply to others. This is a great help as you are able to share your experience with others. You contribution can help others navigate this challenging part of life. Additionally you are able to ask questions and get replies. So, it’s pretty supporting for you and others.

Using Tags and Catagories.

When you open a post you do so by clicking on it’s title, and it will then open to it’s full length. At the foot of each post there are usually tags, or categories. If you click on one of these categories you will be taken to a listing of all other posts with the same catagory.

So, if for some reason you were interested in posts that mention my ludicrous mechanic, Sylvester – he of the bedroom eyes and the bathroom mind – you’d get a listing of all the posts in which he is mentioned.

The same is true of the Psychology tag, or the Premium tag. So you really can explore things in detail by navigating using those tags.

Using Search.

If you use a laptop computer you’ll probably see a search box on the right of the page when you’re on the homepage. You can do a search there for any word, or collection of words, and it makes getting around really easy. If you’re on a smart phone you may have to scroll down a way to find that search box, as the page is compressed into one column for most smart phones. Using the search can help you dig much deeper than any other way of navigating.

If any suggestions or comments, feel free to comment below.



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