Featured Friends – Mercury Stardust.

I’ve often advised members never to go anywhere near a hardware store without a trained lesbian by your side. They just do this stuff better than us. And they have more power tools! Who would have thought!

Enjoy the lovely Mercury Stardust, and her sound advice for anyone who lives in a home with or without a functioning roof. I would hope that would include most of my members. I really would.

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From time to time I like to draw attention to the people out there who are really making a difference for anyone who considers themselves trans. Zooey is one of the finest of us.

You can learn about Zooey herehttps://www.zooeyzephyr.com/

Regardless of your political stance, it is up to us to support our sisters who achieve public office, as they are our voice in the corridors of power. If you’re a US resident and can help Zooey she is one of several emerging voices that can help us. It’s a great way to help all your sisters.

You can support her work here – https://secure.actblue.com/donate/mastodonforzooeyandmissouladems I encourage you to get behind her in true Fiona Dobson style and give her something to smile about. When I mentioned that to Sylvester he made some lewd suggestion. He really can be quite coarse at times!

My support for Zooey is not only a salute to her courage, it is also a reminder that rights are not given. They are won. Zooey is out there winning battles daily and it’s a never ending task. She deserves our support.

So, if you have a spare dollar be smart, make a difference and let’s give Zooey one.

Beware Western Culture is being destroyed by crossdressers!

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So, what do you think of ‘Western Civilisation’?

And when some douche says, “Oh, I think that might be a good idea…”

We say, “Actually, I think the idea of a drag club on Davie Street is a way better idea!”

You’re going to love this video from Contrapoints. If you have doubts about post modern neo-marxism, or maybe just need time to adjust your klan hood, you’re going to have fun with this. Now, get your corn dog out and watch this.


Voting | ContraPoints



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